Snow day snippets {2.2.11}

Today’s a snow day for me – I decided last night that I was going to stay home from work today due to “sever” weather conditions and multiple inches of snow and ice; it seemed a healthier choice to just wait it out and stay home. Why tease death? Plus, why cause my parent’s to stroke out over worrying about me driving with the crazies? It’s just not necessary. Then I received an e-mail around midnight informing me that the base was going to be closed due to bad weather and poor driving conditions. That basically made my night. :]

With that said, I want to share some interesting articles and also some of my favorite reads of the week. As I said in an earlier {post}, I read A LOT of blogs throughout the week  [you might even call it an addiction], so I often come across a lot of articles that I like and wish I could share with you all. But, as all your bloggers/writers out there know, it’s hard enough to keep up with your own blog, nonetheless try to share links to all the other awesome blogs out there. So today I’m going to kill two birds* with one stone – I’m going to write a blog post AND share some awesome links with you all at the same time.

Here are some of my favorite reads so far for the week…

Why Church Hurts  – So you’ve been hurt by the church. Or maybe the church has been hurt by you. Is it a love or a hate issue? Well, that all depends on the relationship you two share…

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Holiness – Tired of arguing the piddly things of “religion”…? Maybe this New Testament chapter will prove to be the new “How To Deal” guide you’ve been searching for.

Jesus, why didn’t You speak up? – You know what I hate about judgemental people? They’re always so judgemental. I mean, all they do is point the finger and tell everyone what they’re doing wrong and how they should live their lives. (actually, I believe Jon Acuff may have said something along those lines in the past.) This may help you dig the beam out of your own eye a little. Then again, maybe not. but who am I to judge…? 😉

When Lil’ Wayne defines the Gospel – Speaking of Jon Acuff, here’s a little post that basically slapped me upside the face yesterday. In short, it’s just another way that proves how God is not limited to the little box we Christians I like to try to contain Him in so often.

Chocolate-covered Cat Poo – yeah, it’s gross, but so is sin. So instead of indulging yourself in all that chocolatey goodness disgusting-ness (yeah, I made that up)  time and time again, go grab a friend and talk it out. Keep yourself accountable and rid yourself of future digestion problems.

Final Hours – A heartbreaking story of a woman’s final hours with her husband two days before Christmas. Amidst tragedy, the everlasting and ever-loving arms of God wrap Tricia in a peace that passes all understanding.

Purified Seven Times – an interesting study turned into a seven-chapter blogbook about the King James Bible by Cody Watters.

And lastly, a little video on prayer. Let’s just be honest, I tend to fall somewhere between the “sleeper” and the “impresser”. {confession: this made me laugh so hard I snorted… several times. don’t judge me.}

Did you read any interesting articles lately?
Did you write any interesting articles lately?
Did you find any new, interesting blogs this week?
Share some links below!

*no animals were harmed in the making of this article.


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