Unlikely things.

She’s plain. She’s simple. She’s a virgin. She’s betrothed to an old man.
Yet, she must have been something special, because she was visited by an angel. And, though unlikely as she might seem, was chosen to mother the Christ Child.

The manger.
It’s unclean. It’s rough. It smells of rotten scraps and musty hay.
Yet it’s the chosen vessel to cradle the newborn Son of God.

They’re dirty. They’re common. They smell of sheep and campfires.
Yet, minus the earthly parents of Jesus, they were chosen to be among the first who would worship the King of kings made flesh.

It’s lonely. It’s quiet. It’s overgrown with wildflowers, ancient trees, and tall grasses.
Yet, it was the place God chose to use to teach the world of total surrender. It’s the place where agonizing love and prayer clashed to display the most beautiful scene of submission to the Father’s will… no matter the cost.

The cross.
It’s cruel. It’s ugly. It’s despicable. It’s cursed.
Yet, as God does time and time again, He used what we would never have even considered as an option in order to bring redemption to the world.

To some it’s just an emblem a formality.
It’s a symbol that’s been used so frequently.
Many blaspheme and despise.
Though it’s ancient, it abides.
A shrine to death that stands for life to me.
There was a cross made for the Son of God at Calvary.
Two pieces of rough timber on a hill.
Through His hands and through His feet,
He took the nails for you and me.
Angels watched as He died for the lost.
Though He could have walked away He chose the cross.
~ The Crabb Family

…and He waited all of eternity for this one day.

The tomb.
It’s borrowed. It’s cold and dark. It’s a symbol of the closure of life.
Yet, for Christ, it was anything but the closure. To the Christian it’s a symbol of new life, everlasting life, life abundant and free. It’s the symbol that proves all other religions false, gives hope to even the most hopeless of all, and represents the finished work of the greatest gift ever offered to mankind.

You and me.
We’re wretched. We’re vile. We’re full of self and worldliness.
Yet, despite all that is undesirable in us, the Savior of the world once again chose contrary to what any other King would choose. He doesn’t ask for royal subjects; He instead takes common people and makes them royalty through His Blood. He doesn’t ask for perfection; He instead cleanses us of our sins and makes us perfect in the eye of God the Father through His Blood. He doesn’t ask of us impossible tasks; He simply asks us to trust Him and reminds us that nothing is impossible with Him.

Unlikely things. We tend to shy away from them, but God loves them. When He uses the unlikely, He’s showing what He can do through them – how powerful He is, and what a great artist He is.

May I prove to be unlikely in all that I pursue, so that God may continue to prove how magnificent and worthy He is.


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  1. Beautifully written, Heather Joy. Sensitive. Tender. Very well done.

  2. And He said to them, “You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of men, but God knows your hearts; for that which is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God. (Luke 16:15)

    God chooses the lowly things, to confound the “wise and intelligent,” and reveals them to babes. I think a primary reason is that “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble” and only the humble will recognize Him. The only One who has anything to boast about, still comes to us in humility.

    God bless, Richie

  3. I think Mary was anything but plain and simple. “Thou that are highly favoured … blessed art thou among women”? Humble and meek, yes, but I think Mary was something amazing; her responses to the angel and her song in Luke 1:46-55=golden.

    I know where you were going with this, I get it, but I just wanted to throw that in. I think sometimes we don’t give Mary credit because we’re afraid of elevating her to the level of Catholicism. It’s the same thing we do with the Holy Spirit because of the Charismatics.

    • By “plain and simple” I didn’t mean stupid and ugly. I meant, conservative and uncomplicated.
      Yes, she was indeed highly favoured. She was humble. She was obediant.
      She was probably a perfect example of a Proverbs 31 lady in her day too.

  4. A different style of writing, I like it”

  5. What a great blog! So much truth, so startlingly presented.

    As the most unlikely one to be called I just praise the Saviour for His calling and for His keeping. The old hymn by William Young Fullerton comes to mind “I cannot tell . . . but this I know” (If you don’t know it, I’ll supply the words. We sing it to the tune of Danny Boy)

  6. “Though He could have walked away He chose the cross”.

    And while He was on the cross, I was on His mind!

    Thank you, Jesus!

    Heartfelt post, Heather! Blessings to you!

    moment by moment,

  7. I feel like an echo repeating what has been said, but it’s certainly beautifully written and very much true.

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