Guest Post: Waiting.

A large chunk of my day is spent waiting.

Waking up early and waiting for the alarm that I know is going to crash into my warm, sleepy semi-consciousness like a freight train. Waiting for the kettle to boil to obtain that important first morning cup of tea to slosh away the night-time grime. Waiting for the bus that never comes on time. Waiting for my work laptop to boot up. Waiting for a conference call with the Canadian client at the end of the day. Waiting for my work laptop to install updates and shut down. Waiting for the electronic gate of the car park to open. Waiting at traffic lights. Waiting whilst Babygirl finishes her bedtime drink. Waiting for Jesus to come and crack the sky.

I am British and this means that I was born with inbuilt skills for waiting, in a polite and courteous manner. I spend so much time waiting each day that you would think I would be an expert.

I am an expert at waiting at traffic lights, because if I don’t, I may park my car in the side of a truck, or on someone’s head, and I don’t want to do that.

I am an expert at watching my work laptop boot up, because this means that I have a few extra minutes where my eyes glaze over and my brain readies itself for the turbulent day ahead.

I am an expert at waiting for the electronic gate of the car park to open, because if I didn’t, the railings would indent my car like the chargrilled marks on a burger.

But I’m not an expert at waiting for God. I suck at that. Big time. Probably because I think that ‘waiting’ means doing nothing.

But waiting does not mean doing nothing. Trusting God and not making something happen yourself is hard work. It requires faith, and effort, and persistence.

Daniel was good at it. Three times a day he would take time out from his important governmental job and do some concentrated waiting on God.

Paul was good at it, being in jail often, and shipwrecked on an island.

Hannah was good at it, waiting for her promised child to arrive.

Maybe you are waiting on God for something. Perhaps you are waiting for that breakthrough in your employment or in a new job. Perhaps you are waiting for divine direction on key life decisions like where to live. Perhaps you are waiting for a spouse, or a child, or for God to speak to you.

Maybe faithful waiting is the true prize.

~                    ~                    ~                    ~

Jay blogs over at Pop Thy Collar — he always writes thought-provoking, honest posts which usually either slap me in the face or give me a hug of encouragement. He is indeed British, so sometimes his lingo may be a bit… non-American-slang-ish. :] I’m pretty sure I’ve had to ask him to clarify what this and that was a time or two. If you don’t already follow his blog, I encourage you to do so. He will encourage you and help you – I have no doubts of that.


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  1. Waiting painful on God!
    But it’s during these moment of painfully long sessions in the waiting room that God has our undivided attention. When we are in the “not-knowing” state, all we have is faith!
    In this place, we are humbled and needy. Prayers of utter dependence on Him!

    David waited with confidence trusting in God’s timing: Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him . . . Wait for the Lord and keep his way
    ~Psalm 37:7, 34.

    Thank you so much for your word of encouragement…..

    moment by moment,

  2. Today the result of your “waiting” was that you hit my family right on target! One would think you “googled” us, except that even Google doesn’t know anything about the walk of faith – and waiting – that we’ve been doing for the last year or so. We’ve done it in obedience – to the best of our ability – but it’s at same point as a little slip of paper some unknown person left on my desk years ago, which said only: “Nothing in hand. Nothing in sight. Yet I will praise Thee.” And He has kept helping us, in unexpected ways. The “nothing” is only what’s in OUR hand, not HIS.

    Good writing. Enjoyed it. My family doesn’t have a blog, but do have a website, so you can learn a bit about us at, or just click on my name.

  3. YES! Been waiting for this after seeing Heather ask to email you over at your place! And it’s hit all the right notes.

    As you know I’m a big nooma fan and just today I watched ‘Noise’ which is all about being silent with God. So I’ve had it both barrels today in a good way!

    I think this is up there with your best mate. Good stuff.

  4. Are we waiting for God for the answer that we want or is He waiting for us to receive His answer? Great post — made me think.

    Blessings to you 🙂

  5. Love this!

    “Maybe faithful waiting is the true prize.” Amen!

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