You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

I love reading a lot of different blogs – I’m subscribed to many, many of them, and I peruse through countless random others during any given day. I Google search for new ones, and stalk blogs looking for other blogs, which then leads me to crazy amounts of other blogs! I just love seeing the different perspectives that people have on issues and how the Church is doing these days.

So, this post is going to be a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” — well, sort of. It’ll be the virtual equivalent to that. Actually, it’ll be the reverse equivalent to it – because technically, I’m going to scratch your back fir—- ohhh, this is so weird….

I’m going to provide you with links to some of the blogs which are my favorite to read. These blogs have helped me in my Christian life; they’ve taught me things; they’ve strengthened my faith and made me realize the folly of some of the other things I used to hold to.

I hope they are as helpful to you as they’ve been to me. Follow them, leave some comments, and share them with others out there in the blogging community.

For other great blogs and online resources, check out my {blogroll}.

*Please note that while I enjoy these blogs, they are completely separate from Grow Up!, and I do not claim to agree with everything that is posted in the blogs mentioned above or contained on the blogroll page.

Now… here’s where you come in. If you’re an avid blog stalker reader, then you may be able to fill in some of the gaps for me. Below is a non-exhaustive list of blogs I wish I could find someone and read. However, I have had no luck finding them as of yet. So if you know of any blogs that fit the descriptions below, leave a comment with the blog’s URL so I can check them out!

  1. I want to read a blog written by someone who became a Christian in jail.
  2. I want to read a blog written by someone who works in a troubled girls home.
  3. I want to read a blog written by someone who once was a homosexual, but then because a Christian.
  4. I want to read a blog written by someone who was once an atheist/agnostic, but has now converted to Christianity.
  5. I want to read a blog written by someone who either works in a prison or runs a prison ministry.
  6. I want to read a blog written by someone who’s primary ministry has to do with homeless people and rescue missions.
  7. I want to read a blog written by someone who is a missionary in a third world country.
  8. I want to read a blog written by and up-and-coming Christian author.
  9. I want to read a blog written by someone who blogs primarily about the Jewish people and God’s preservation of them over the ages.
  10. I want to read a blog written by someone who works in the adoption/fostering/sponsorships of children field.
  11. I want to read a blog written by someone who was once entrenched in the legalistic bonds of a strict sect of Christianity, but can now blog about it without bitterness and judgment.
  12. I want to read a blog written by someone who was once a drug-addict/alcoholic, but now gives God the glory for their deliverance from their addictions.
  13. I want to read a blog written by someone who was a victim of sex-trafficking, and now has a ministry helping others who were
  14. I want to read a blog written by someone who consistently blogs through different challenges (ie. the 30-day challenge, the secret friend challenge, the bucket list challenge, etc).
  15. I want to read a blog written by either someone who once was Amish, is currently Amish, or lives among the Amish.

Can you help by providing any links to blogs that I’d like to read?

Do you know anybody who would fit the abovementioned topics?

What are some blogs that are among your favorites to follow?

What are some blogs that you would like to be able to read?

**When I say “written by someone,” I actually mean “written by a Christian.” I have nothing against bloggers who are not Christians, it’s just that I personally would like to read after Christians who are striving to live for and please the Lord with their lives.


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  1. I fit 4 and 14. I am a recovering atheist but I am still trying to find my faith. I write about my battle to get over my anger towards God. I also write about my various struggles with my mental illness, although most of the time I am just trying to make sense out of my dysfunctional brain which at times just makes no sense. See my post today for an example of number 14

  2. 6 & 12 are His blog is usually him venting about things though… He’s 9 years clean in April. He used to be homeless and a meth addict, now he works at a place that deals primarily with homeless vets and goes out at night to hand out sleeping bags, coats, etc. on cold nights. He pretty much spends his time reaching out to the homeless, but his ministry is pretty much all through service, not really speaking. follow him on Twitter @HomelessHeretic and you can decide what to think of him. haha. I know that I couldn’t be happier that I’ve got him as a friend.

    • Thank you for the suggestion – this is a perfect example of exactly what I’m looking for!
      I really appreciate you taking the time to help out! I’ll be following him on twitter. 🙂

  3. I was dead chuffed to be top of the list, then I realised it was alphabetical.

    Pride comes before a massive slap to the face with a trout, as they say.

    Anyway hopefully I will fulfil 8 one day soon. (I have seemingly have learnt nothing from the above pride lesson!)

    It doesn’t quite fit 10 but is about fertility issues and ivf etc… after our struggles in this area I have found it most helpful!

    Thanks for the link!

    • HAHA! you crack me up. I can honestly say that I’ve never heard that “slapped with a trout” thing before.

      I’ll be honest with you, I’d like to be a #8 as well — however, I’m not really that much interested in reading my own blog. ;P

      Thank you for the blog suggestion – I’ll check it out for sure!


    This would be your #7. And I don’t tell you enough, but I love your blog.

    I have been so busy, I haven’t updated mine in a while, but GET READY!!! It’s coming!!! 🙂 (thanks for the mention in your list also!)

  5. And I am a former IFB kid/adult also. You can probably sense it in some of my writing…this internal struggle to learn new while unlearning SOME of the old!

  6. I think would fit number 7. Christie Cotney moved (like for good) to Uganda in December. She updates more on facebook, but I think she is currently having internet issues. Not too long ago, I went back to the beginning of her blog and started reading . . . . I couldn’t stop! Such an amazing story God is writing with her life! :0)

  7. Mary Beth Whalen is an author who was just published. She wrote “The Mailbox.”

    Gitz is a blog about someone who struggles with a debilitating illness. She has a beautiful but honest attitude about it. her blog is very precious.

    I would like to read a blog about femininity and fashion from a Christian point of view.

    I’d like to read the blog about human trafficking if you find it. i have an idea for a novel about that. But it’s only in beginning form.

    I enjoy your blog Heather Joy and thank you so much for visiting mine. i really appreciate it.

    • thank you for the blog suggestions, Donna! Would you happen to know the URL’s for them? Because I can’t find them on the internet anywhere.

      As for the “femininity and fashion” Christian blogs, go to my blogroll page and scroll down to the “Modesty” section – I have a bunch of Christian blogs listed that are dedictated to modesty.


  8. Thanks so much for including me in your list Heather 🙂

    And you might want to have a look at his blog if you haven’t seen it already:

  9. Thanks for the mention, heather!
    and here is a blog for
    I want to read a blog written by someone who was once entrenched in the legalistic bonds of a strict sect of Christianity, but can now blog about it without bitterness and judgment.

  10. One of my favorite blogs, is that of my mentor, Benjamin Burks. He is the international director of Reformers Unanimous. You are familiar with the ministry. (disclaimer: I helped set it up, and administrate it… But he writes it…) lol

  11. Heather, a can give you a few on #7 or related to it.

    First, a Christian family who are missionaries at an orphanage in Thailand:

    Then, a lady who’s a missionary in Zimbabwe:

    Also a lady from Nashville, TN who’s made several missions trips to Zimbabwe and has just started a nonprofit organization to help them:
    And her new nonprofit:

    That should be enough for now. However, if you like, I’ll tell you one or two atheist stories – I think you’ve read my own, but probably not the one a planner I worked with in Orlando told me about himself. (I love that one – it’s funny! Let me sum it up by saying that if you consider yourself an atheist, it’s dangerous to have a Christian girl friend!).

    Prayers and blessings, Pete A.

  12. Oh, and for the other side of the coin – if you know any blogs that talk about ‘loving our neighbors,’ I’m interested in those and trying to get acquainted with more. Have found a handful so far – including people involved with orphanages or trips with agencies like Compassion – but only a limited number. And “bondChristian.” But if any of you know more, they’ll be very welcome.

    “Smile of the day” – our weather forecast today was for one inch of snow. We got 5. My son Bill’s cat Oreo (he’s black and white) wanted to go out for his daily walk. Yesterday the ground was mostly bare. Today, Bill opened the door just enough for Oreo to slip out if he wanted to. Oreo looked -stopped – backed up – then looked up at Bill and meowed as if to say “Please fix all that white stuff so I can go out. Please?”

    Bill looked down at Oreo and said “I’m just in sales. For that, you’ll have to talk to management.”

    (We all broke up laughing. Then I mentioned telling that story to 3 or 4 friends. Bill said”I don’t want you telling that to 4 other people!” His sister Yvette spoke up, still laughing: “You’ll be lucky if 4 is ALL he tells!” She’s right.)

  13. Thanks, Heather! Just looked at it on It is definitely going HIGH on my wish list too! Looks like it includes much the same kind of material as mine, except the reviews suggest this is for teens, where mine is for adults, and probably includes more Scriptures. And of course his stories and mine will be different & individual.

    Blessings, Pete

  14. By the name of my blog you should know I’m a #11.

  15. I, too, would like to hear more about the Amish. So…if you do find a good one, please let me know!

  16. Matt @ seekingpastor is where its at. Love his blog.

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