Question of the day: a woman’s value.

Last night my friend Nick, who blogs over at Multitude of Counsel, sent me a text message asking me what happened to my weekly question. To which I responded: “Oh my soul! I forgot all about it! I’ll post one tomorrow.” I thanked him for the reminder then fell asleep. This is me keeping my word. This is me also offering an apology to my other readers who were wondering where this week’s Question of the Day post was.

I saw this question a few months ago on a facebook friend’s page. It was posted by an abortion survivor – Gianna Jessen* to be exact. I did warn her and say that I’d probably steal this question from her and post it on here, to which she offered no objections.

Here’s the question:

If a woman is married and fully capable of having a baby but doesn’t have one, does this make her selfish?

Is a woman’s value in life determined by how many children she has?

Thoughts? Opinions? Scripture? Leave a comment, get involved, pass it on. 🙂

*If you have never heard of Gianna Jessen before, you can look her up on YouTube. She is an incredible woman with an inspiring story of hope and life. She is a pro-life activist and travels the country speaking on behalf of the unborn. She also has an unofficial facebook fan page for those interested.

I came across this video of John Piper discussing abortion (perhaps a little off topic from the question presented today), and I thought I’d add it to the end of this post. Abortion is About God.


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  1. First off, a woman is not more or less valuable because she has or has not children.
    Regarding your first question, the key is “If a woman is married…” What is marriage? To me the husband and wife freely give themselves 100% to the other. (This is why guys who check out women on the sly are so wrong-they don’t give themselves 100% all the time). Given this 100%, if a man or woman contracepts in the act of marital love, they are placing a ‘but’ into their relationship-I’m all yours, except for this. If a couple decides together not to have children at this time, the only way to do this and keep the 100% vow is to abstain from having sex, or to practice Natural Family Planning. Know when the woman is fertile and don’t have sex during those times. Of course you always have to take into account that God might have a different plan for you…

  2. I think this question is slightly unfair… at least too ambiguous. For example, is the woman capable of childbearing but married to an abusive husband? Maybe she feels bringing a child into the world is not wise. Maybe they are too poor, barely making on their own. In my opinion, one cannot simply say “you’re married and can have children and you aren’t. You are being selfish.” This could be said of those who are married withtwo, three, or five kids and are still capable of having more but don’t. Are they being selfish too? Its a heart motive, and unfortunately we like to judge the heart even though we just can’t see it clearly. The question is a good one for the couple to ask themselves in introspection, but I don’t think we have a right to ask it concerning another.
    Just my opinion. 🙂

  3. Since I can’t observe people’s hearts I cannot answer the first question. Nor would I want to judge, since I’m sure there are planks in my own eyes, maybe even a fence.

    A woman’s value in life is not determined by how many children she has. She is 100% as valuable as every other human being regardless.

  4. Part 1: Maybe! Although I’m not sure that things can be that black & white. Maybe the marriage hasn’t been consumated, and imagine how the poor woman would feel then? Heartbroken. So we’d be better off running our own lives rather than jumping to assumptions.

    Part2: Value – what? Of course not. Are we suggesting a soul has more or less value because of the ability to churn out kids? No way.

    I think God’s plan for couples is usually for them to bring up a family, but who are we to throw stones – or cause hurts?

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