Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {I read Christian fiction romance novels.}

I’m just going to warn you now… this is a long one! Not necessarily because the topic took “that” much time to discuss… but because I found myself rambling in a few places. I admit it. So, please enjoy the rabbit trails… take in the scenery, but please excuse the pile-age of mess in the back corner (I need to do laundry… badly).

Also, for those who are wondering, I would like to inform you that I did not skip church to record and post this. The video was recorded and the post was written last night and scheduled for auto-publishing this morning. Genius, I know.

{Oh man, I just smeared sticky lip gloss up my nose… ugh, this stinks.}

And one more thing… that is in fact a Beatles t-shirt that I am wearing. It’s old, reeeally old… and I was scrubbin’ around the house so I threw that on in the morning. Just sayin’…

Confession: I love to read Christian fiction romance novels.

Do you have any favorite Christian fiction romance novels?
Who are your favorite authors?
Have you ever read any of the books I showed in the video?
Or do you not read Christian fiction romance novels?
If you don’t, could you share a little bit as to your reasoning why you don’t read them?

For those interested in checking out the question of the day post I mentioned in the video, click {here}.


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  1. Hi Heather Joy – My wife Yvonne reads LOTS of Christian romance writers, especially if she’s not feeling well and is resting in bed. We don’t know what you showed, because out here – where we cannot get high speed internet – it takes 2 1/2 hours to load a 5-minute video. And since that’s also our phone line, we just never try to load them. She especially likes the Love Inspired series, including some writers like Jillian Hart and Dana Corbett (sp?) The books do inspire and encourage her when she’d feeling “down” and I’m personally glad she has them. I’ll even confess that now and then she hands me one and says “you’ve got to read thisk,” and I do.

    • Some of them are quite good!
      The books I showed in the video were:
      1. “Every Storm” (Lori Wick)
      2. “The Covenant” (Beverly Lewis)
      3. “If I Gained The World” (Linda Nichols)
      4. “The Princess” (Lori Wick) – *favorite*
      5. “Redeeming Love” (Francine Rivers) – *my #1 favorite*
      6. “A Lineage of Grace” (Francine Rivers)
      7. “The Thorn” (Beverly Lewis) – *favorite*

  2. I have actually read Redeeming Love and it was immense! I love the story of Hosea and Gomer, in fact it was the topic of my first preach (in England anyway…)

    Also a couple of months ago I filmed a rip off Nooma about the story called ‘Table’! It was very rough but I may youtube it before too long!

    • Is “Redeeming Love” now on your top-5-favorites list? Yeah, it’s on mine too. 🙂

      I would love to watch that video. Althought… what’s “Nooma”…? And what’s the “Table” story? Is it a book? A movie? I’m confused.

      • Sorry my fault! Nooma’s are short DVD’s done by Rob Bell. In about 10 minutes he delivers some hefty thoughts while a story plays out. I have found them very helpful.
        My one is called Table – but it’s a reflection on Hosea and Gomer. I called it table because that’s what Gomer would have been sold off of. So Table is just my name for the video I’ve done as it’s the central point I make! You are probably still confused so check out so nooma clips on YouTube and then eagerly await me uploading table!

  3. Ms. Heather Joy – I’ve never read a Christian Romance novel and I don’t think my wife has either. However, I’ve read the entire Left Behind series and I hear preaching against that series all the time. I know it’s not 100% Bible accurate but it’s very thought provoking and isn’t that what a novel or a book series should do? Anyhow, I do very much enjoy your posts. I have more Christian books then I know what to do with or would ever find time to read. My father is giving me his Christian library to add to my plethora of Christian books. Christian romance novels – wouldn’t that be a good thing with all the trash that’s available?

    • People are allowed to have imaginations with how things are going to be in the future – after all, God GAVE us all imaginations and expects us to use them!
      It’s when we take those imaginations and treat them as absolute, Biblical truth that it becomes a problem.

  4. Ok, show of hands: who just ordered some of these books from your local library? *raise my hand as well* Yeah, I thought so… 😀

    Lol, I enjoyed this video (even your rabbit trails) and I agree with you. Thanks for taking the time to do this series!

  5. I’ve read several of them (and my mother and I LOVE the Amish series, especially the ones written by Mrs. Lewis) but anyways, I checked out the “Redeeming Love”, and I plan on checking out “The Princess” and “Every Storm” later, because I have MANY books that I must finish and return them to the library or their rightful owners! (Oh, and the “Lineage of Grace” series as well!)

  6. Oooh, is this a support group? Hi, my name is Joy and I read inspirational romance novels too. I love ’em so much, I started blogging about them. LOL.

    Loved your video. Redeeming Love is one of my favorites. I have The Princess sitting on my bookshelf but I haven’t read it yet.

    Have you read anything by Deeannne Gist? She’s one of my favorite authors.

    • Yes Joy, yes it is.

      Hi, my name is Mary ( everyone says “Hi Mary.”) and I’ve been a book addict for about eight years now, maybe more. (takes a deep breath) I admit that I have an addiction, and that when I begin reading that first page, I-I just can’t stop.

      I know it can be detrimental to my family (everyone nods their heads sympathetically) because they may want me to spend time at the table during our meals TALKING rather than reading….

      But I’m trying, really I am…

      😀 Yes, I can see this support group working out quite well. Whaddya think? 😀

    • I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Deeanne Gist – is she a Christian Fiction author? I may have looked at a few of her books before, her name just doesn’t ring a bell at this time.

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