Confessions of a RIFB girl of 20-something {I watch TV.}

The next episode of the Confessions of a Rebellious, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Girl of 20-something is here!

Okay now, I understand that many Christians (Baptists) own TV’s and watch movies and such from time to time. However, I’ve known many  people over the years that will not allow their families to watch “TV”… or worse yet, Cable TV. Please keep in mind that while I consistently said “TV” all throughout this video, I really was referring to Cable TV the whole time… because that’s what we have, and that’s what I watch.

Confession: I watch {cable} TV.

Do you watch {cable} TV?
What are some of your favorite shows?


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  1. When I was little in MI I used to watch kid shows out of Canada 🙂

  2. I don’t about the topic but this vlog is epic from start to finish!

    • Thank you, thank you. *bows* 🙂
      This was actually the first take on this episode. I laughed so hard when I watched it – I decided not to edit it or redo it because this is so… me. I figured those watching would appreciate the “realness” and idiocracy of this vlog. ;P

  3. PS I see you are reading crazy love – very challenging would love to hear your thoughts when you have finished!

    • I’ll definitely post a book review when I finish it. Actually, I haven’t even started it yet. I think I might have read the forward. I’m still trying to finish up “The Embrace of Grace” by Caleb Thompson… I only have less than 4 chapters to go.

      • Crazy Love was excellent but I learnt more from his next book ‘Forgotten God’ it totally changed my understanding of the Holy Spirit or perhaps that should say increased!

        I don’t know if it’s in print in America but I can highly recommend a book called ‘The Grace Outpouring’ about a retreat centre in rural wales that is experiencing some amazing things!

        • I have “Forgotten God” as well! 🙂 I’ll be reading that one sometime (hopefully sooner than later) as well.

          I’ll look up the other book. thank you for the suggestion!

  4. Love the Vlog idea! and next time you give a tour of your house, hand out Dramamine. =)

  5. I think all vlogs should be first takes… ;o)

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