Confessions of a RIFB girl of 20-something {I wear snow pants.}

For today’s Confession, I don’t have a vlog. Sorry. There are several reasons for this, but none of them are good so I’ve decided not to share them with you.

Also… for those of you who have asked me questions in your comments that I have not yet responded to – there is a reason I haven’t responded yet… and  it’s a good one so I’m gonna tell you what it is. 🙂 When I get enough questions from you all, I’m going to make another video in which I’ll answer each one. So stay tuned for that – it’s coming soon!

What I do have for today’s confession is a few emails that happened over the past few days. This topic was on my list of confessions, but Elijah* jumped ahead of me on this one and asked me for some answers. I obliged. Now I’m sharing them with you.

Confession: I wear snow pants.

Elijah B:

Hello, I got a question that I have been dying to ask. 🙂
Ok… like 15 years ago or so when we went to the same church – when we went skiing with our friends from there, the girls always wore dresses while skiing. And I thought they did that because of a conviction they had about being modest and dressing like a lady. However, as the years went on, I discovered that they wore dresses not out of a conviction, but because of a standard they were taught; and now pretty much all of them just were pants now for everyday stuff.
So, I know you have written things about how girls should wear dresses and such, and I have just been wondering what you wear when you go skiing or snowboarding?
I know this is a VERY noisy question, but I’m just really curious. 😀


Hi Elijah.

Your question is an interesting one. I’m actually going to be addressing it in my new “Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something” series that I’m doing on Grow Up! (my site).
But I’ll give you a quick answer so you don’t have to wait for that “chapter” to come out.

I think the problem with “that” crowd back then was this…
All the girls wore skirts/dresses because their parents made them do it. It was their parents’ conviction/standard, so the girls went along with it. As time went on, and their parents let up on the rule or the girls got married, skirts were one of the first things to fly out the window. It wasn’t a personal conviction for them. It was a rule placed on them that they didn’t necessarily like or agree with.

When compromise sets in, dressing “modestly” is one of the first things to go. every time.

I, too, have noticed that many of the once-strict families that used to attend that church now let their girls wear just about anything they choose.
Maybe this is because the conviction was never really personal for them at all… maybe they followed this “rule” so as to fit in with all the other families at said church that did it.

I wear skirts all the time, EXCEPT for when I’m sleeping or participating in a winter sport (snowboarding, skiing, etc) – I wear snow pants. And no, I do not wear a skirt over top of them.
The reasons why are because:

  1. I don’t own any skirts BIG enough to fit over a pair of snow pants
  2. Nothing screams “My God is into frumpy!” quite like wearing a bulky, multiple-pleated skirt over snow pants.
  3. I’d like to see you fly down the hill on a board with the wind catching your skirt… not the best idea if you like being healthy.
  4. Wearing a skirt INSTEAD OF snow pants is out of the question. All Christian girls would catch pneumonia and die if they did that.
  5. it’s just not necessary.

The main issue with pants it that they are not feminine and have the “appearance of being men’s clothing” and that they are immodest. Snow Pants are bulky enough so as to not be immodest.

Hope that helps.
Take Care,

Elijah B:

WOW! After I sent that message, I was having some serious regrets about it being taken the wrong way. 🙂 Thanks for not raking me over the coals. 😀
So, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. I have heard all sorts of different opinions on it, and I was just wondering what yours were. 🙂
Thanks also for dressing modest and really taking it to heart. I really appreciate it when girls do that, it helps us guys out!
Have fun Boarding! And God bless!
– El

*names changed/removed to protect identity.

For those of you interested, here are the links for my Mission: Modesty  series I did a while back: part 1, part 2, part 3. For other modesty articles on Grow Up! visit {here} and {here}.


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  1. I just want to say Heather is right about the standard thing. I grew up very tom boy, and my parents did not care if I wore pants. I did not wear those skin tight pants either. I wore mostly my brothers handy downs. But now that I am older I have replaced alot of my pants wearing to skirt wearing, because it has come to be my personnel standard (conviction). I still once in awhile go out in a pair of jeans even though I am not taking part in a sport. And at my church one year, if we went as a group sledding, skiing etc. we were required to wear skirts over our snowpants. I thought that was ridiculous! The snow pants are already baggy enough, and what girl in her right mind keeps such a huge skirt in there closet?! lol I also wear snowpants while snowboarding, and hunting, and fishing, etc.

    • Mello,
      If I was ever going hunting (which I want to) or ice fishing (which I’ve neverrrr caught a fish before in my life) – I would also wear snowpants for those activities. There’s something about climbing treesin a skirt that just sound like it would work to me. ;P

      “what girl in her right mind keeps such a huge skirt in there closet?!”
      Ummm… there was a time when I could have introduced you to a few. 😉

  2. I would have to agree and disagree with you Heather.. You know me very well and I was brought up the same way you were. No pants, long skirts and coulottes. (sp?) I was told by my parents that it was a “rule”. Its the way we “should” be. Not till I was older did the word conviction drop. I still did not understand it. I was constantly ridiculed and looked down upon. (This made the drive to wear pants or “normal” clothing even more) It was not until I was 18 that I could wear pants, even then I respected my parents convictions and would not wear them at home. My dad now does not mind the fact that I wear pants. I personally, do not have a problem with pants. I do not see how it can be referred to as mens apparel. One can dress immodestly in a skirt too. Its all about the style. For example I could wear skinny jeans or loose jeans. I could wear a tight pencil skirt or pleated skirt. I could wear a skirt with a seam down the back or the side. I believe its all in how you wear it. Eyes can be drawn toward a body with the simplest curve, bump, seam, length etc. Now, does that mean you throw it all in the wash and say “Oh well, I will wear whatever I want cause they’re going to look at me anyways.” Definitely not. One must be careful in how she dresses to not draw the wrong kind of attention.
    I hope I am getting my message across w.out to much confusion.. This is a topic that I am all to familiar with.

    • I agree with roughly 83.4% of what you said, Jodie.
      You’re right – I agree with you that some skirts can be very immodest (ie. mini skirts, super tight skirts, incredibly sheer skirts, etc).
      The issue that most non-pants-wearers have with pants is the fact that they outline parts of your body that don’t need to be/shouldn’t be outline (legs, hiney, etc).
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I really like the correct and civilized way you are dealing with topics deemed to be “taboo” in our IFB circles. You make your point without being contentious, or argumentative. I am really interested in where this series leads to. Thank you Heather!

  4. Hmmm I am struggling with American terminology here:

    What is IFB and what is hiney?

    And in the UK ‘pants’ are undergarments which makes for amusing reading if you have a childish sense of humour like I do… ;o)

    • LOL!! @popthycollar,

      IFB = Independent, Fundamental, Baptist
      Hiney = you’re rear end 🙂

      Sorry for the confusion. and the last part of your comment had me cracking up in that awkward sort of way. 🙂

  5. Being that I live in northern Ontario (Canada), and it gets QUITE cold here in the winter, I’m totally okay with snowpants. I don’t really see it as a pants vs. skirts issue, but as a modesty issue. Sometimes it is just more modest (and practical) for a woman to wear pants (climbing ladders, hunting, sledding etc.). That being said, I LOVE wearing skirts all the time. I even wear them for all my dad-to-day activities in the winter, and manage not to freeze to death (that’s why tights and leggings were invented :). But, when I’m doing an activity that would be immodest in a skirt, I wear pants because again the principle is modesty. One thing I really like about wearing skirts all the time, is that people notice. They ask questions, and it’s a great opportunity to witness. I dress the way I do because it honours God, and He has used that as a testimony to others many times in my life. BTW I didn’t grow up in a skirt wearing church or home.

    • @JessB – Brooks!!! I was shocked to see someone (I thought) I knew on here! And then I checked the website….sure enough – it’s YOU!! (and this is Sarah G, by the way 🙂 I also agree with the view that it is not a pants vs. skirt issue. It is a modesty issue. It is an attitude/heart issue. In my opinion, that’s why the Lord didn’t state specifically WHAT a man’s clothing is, or what a woman’s clothing should be. It gives us an opportunity to submit with grace.

  6. So ,I am going snowboarding tomorrow, and I looked and looked for snowboarding pants that were made not to fit skinny girls, and ifnally ended up having to buy guy pants, which I hated until this. They are bulky, but are a good brand,and well made. A bit on the long side, but when tucked into boots (or even my Uggs, it’s okay.) So,I found this, and found out it’s okay to wear guys pants. Thankyou.

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