God’s chisel.

I saw this video for the first time last night and it struck a huge wound in my spirit. I laid in my besd last night as I watched this little video on my cell phone and I cried because I realized… I’m Tommy.

Most of God’s “chiseling’s” are talkers. I don’t want to be a talker. I don’t want to be “in control” anymore. No matter what it may cost, or how much it may hurt I want to be surrendered to the chiseling of of God’s handiwork.

My favorite part:

God: Do you know what insanity is? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again, and expecting different results. And they are the things in your life – you even think back to high school – that you’ve been doing that do not work in your life. But you go to these empty wells whenever you’re hurting, whenever you’re angry, whenever you’re lonely and tired. But they do not  work.

Tommy: Ok, ok… I’m thinking that maybe…

God: Your thoughts are not my thoughts.

Tommy: Ok, but if we went another way, we could…

God: Your ways are not my ways!

Tommy: Ok, well look… I can’t be good!

God: You can’t be good? …I’ve made you good. Be good!

Tommy: but… I… *deep sigh*

God: What?

Tommy: Nothing.

God: What is it?

Tommy: You wouldn’t understand!

God: I, God of all the universe, wouldn’t understand something one of My children has to say…? Try Me.

Tommy: It’s just… God, I’ve let You down so many times.

God: No. You were never holding Me up. I hold you up in My victorious, righteous, right hand – and don’t you forget that. In this relationship I hold you up.

Tommy: Ok… chisel away. Just… just be prepared for what You’re gonna find in there. Because I know who’s inside there. Because God… I get up every morning and I look at him in the mirror and it’s this scared, little kid who gets up every day and tries to dress like an adult and act like an adult, but I can’t!  So just be prepared for what You’re gonna find in there.

God: You have listened to so many  voices for far too long that are not of Me. You think you’re junk, don’t you? You really, really, really think you’re junk. Listen to Me… I don’t make junk.  What does that say about Me? How can I show you that My love for you has no boundaries?
…I love you too much just to leave you where you’re at.

Remember my post about how I like being imperfect? Well, I still mean it. Physically, I like being “imperfect” by the world’s standards – because that’s exactly how God wanted me to me. But spiritually, I’m to strive for perfection. “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matt. 5:48).  I want the Lord to do His work in me. I know I have a lot of areas that need chiseling off of me…


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  1. About God’s chisel;
    The words that were spoken, they are Spirit and they are Life.

    Thank you forever.

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