Confessions of a RIFB Girl of 20-something {I eat at restaurants that serve alcohol.}

Continuing on in this series, the second confession is now here!

I’d like to point out rather quickly how uncommonly good my artwork has gotten in a mere couple of days. 😉 jk. I didn’t draw the restaurant logos… I stole them from google image. (hey, at least I’m admitting I did that.)

Also, if some of you don’t know what these restaurants are, I welcome you to take a look: Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Chili’s, Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings (BDUBS), and I think we all know what McDonald’s is.

Here’s the moment you’re all waiting for…ish.

Confession: I eat at restaurants that serve alcohol.

Leave your thoughts and opinions below, then spread the word to get others involved in the discussion!


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  1. It’s a pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog this week. I appreciate the thoughts you’ve shared here… I haven’t gotten so brave as to “vlog” yet. You did a great job!

  2. Ahhh! I am a fan of this blog. Being as I work at a restaurant that serves alcohol, I definitely agree that just because you go to a restaurant that serves alcohol doesnt mean you are supporting it. Coming from the knowledge of a waitress, food sales and alcohol sales are two totally different things. You are not supporting alcohol if you dont buy it at said restaurant, just as you are not supporting it when you go to the grocery store drug store etc if you are not buying it. You are only in support in you actually purchase the alcohol.

  3. some of us ONLY eat in restaurants that serve alcohol

  4. You are so awesome, bless you.

  5. Heather Joy,

    I enjoyed your posting… whether we eat at a restaurant that serves alcohol or not is going to be each Christian’s decision between him and God… There is no “thus saith the Lord”. Just a few things to consider…

    Does it harm my reputation? If someone sees me going into a restaurant that serves alcohol will they make the assumption I am drinking?

    Am I being a good steward of my Lord’s money? Everytime we eat at a restaurant that serves alcohol we are choosing to not spend our money at a restaurant that does not serve alcohol… would it be better to support those who choose to not serve alcohol, or does it not matter?

    As an accountant (and pastor) I can tell you FOR CERTAIN that the money a restaurant receives DOES get intermingled. Sure on the financial statements it shows how much is brought in by the bar and how much is brought in by the restaurant side of business.

    BUT the restaurant owner does NOT keep the money in separate accounts. He doesn’t only use bar money for the bar or restaurant money for the restaurant… it just doesn’t work that way. If the bar is slow for one month, the money from the restaurant side is used to keep the bar running and vice-versa.

    Sorry for the long comment Heather Joy… this type of question always interests me and I’ve done alot of counseling along these lines with church members who ask the same type of question.

    May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry.

    • Rob, thank you for your thoughtful comment.
      I’d like to focus on one part of your comment:
      “If someone sees me going into a restaurant that serves alcohol will they make the assumption I am drinking?”
      If someone sees me coming out of a corner drug store will they assume that I bought cigarettes?
      If someone sees me walking out of a video rental store will they assume that I rented an R-rated movie?
      If someone sees me leaving an athletic club will they assume I worked out in skimpy clothes?

      Assumptions don’t do anything to clarify the thinking of the one doing the assuming. We can assume things all day long and still never hit the target on the bullseye.

      Thank you againg for your comment, sir!

  6. I don’t know about the above assumptions but if someone saw me coming out of the gym they would definitely not assume I had been working out.

  7. I have found that the ones doing most of the judging on these type things are not the lost. They are in fact “Christians”, the modern day Pharisees. I have always had the opportunity to work with and witness to lost people, and have never really had a job where everyone was a professing Christian. I can tell you that lost people hardly ever think about such associations unless it is just blatant (i.e. a man walking out of a Hooter’s restaurant). If they see you at a Mexican restaurant, they are not assuming you are drinking beer, they are assuming you are eating Mexican food. In my opinion, the ones hurting the reputation of Christ most are the Pharisees that sit in the church pews and criticize every little thing.

  8. Yep Romania McDonald’s sells BEER 😦

  9. St Martin/St Thomas also sell beer at McDonalds!

  10. enjoyable clip! I do think it’s funny that you separated “Baptist” and “Christian”. LOL! Freudian slip maybe? JK I happen to be Baptist and Christian myself. Just mess’n… great idea with the vlog though… I may steal it soon.
    God bless.

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