Vlog post: confessions of a {blah, blah} Baptist girl.

Last night I wrote a post asking all of you {my wonderful readers} for some SOS. I’m continuing that trend today…

But, this is not like every other post you can “read” here at Grow Up! – no, no… this one is special. You get to “watch” me and “hear” me speak in the little “announcement” video I made last night for this series!

Confessions of a Rebellious, Independent, Fundamental Baptist Girl of 20-something. 

*sigh*  That’s such  a mouthful… can you think of anything to call this series that’s a little shorter? Something that doesn’t require 529.4 characters? Maybe some sort of acronym or “nickname”…? Can you nickname inanimate objects?

Anywho… here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Go ahead, push play. but please excuse my ramblings…

Hey look! My first vlog post! *happy tear*  🙂

Of course, this series is not set in stone yet. It’s not a for sure, 100%, absolute, moments-away-from-happening sort of deal. It’s still in the thinking and planning process. It’s still got the word “maybe” tattoed in big, fat, red letters across the front of it.

I have already received quite a bit of feedback regarding this – some positive, some negative. Some of you have also posed the possible dangers that could come as a result of this. Please know that I hear you. My intent is not to add fuel to the already rapidly burning forest fire that is among the Christian youth of this generation. I don’t intend to drag the Baptist church through the mud, or make fun of any preachers. I have heard from fellow bloggers, personal friends, pastors, conservatives, liberals, and more.

Some of you have also encouraged me to pray about this series – which I have been and will continue to do so – I want to personally thank you for not just responding out of befuddled amusement or defensive reaction. Others of you have urged me to remain open and honest in what I {may or may not} say in these posts. I also want to thank you. Thank you for being real.

May I ask again…
Tell your friends and your fellow bloggers – I want {and truly believe that I need} lots and lots of feedback on this one. Could I even go as far as to ask you to post something on your blog (or wherever) redirecting folks back here so they can get in on this? Again, thank you all for your feedback {thoughts and suggestions} on this – I really, really, really  appreciate you help!


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  1. If God is leading you to do this, “who” can stop that? Even in Paul’s day, the enemies of the church were the ones who sat among them. And we have the spiritual enemies who always have a plan of distorting the truth.

    I think it’s awesome to hear what God has for you. It will upset some. It will win some.
    May the Lord’s protection cover you as you do this. “Be strong in the Lord’s mighty power.”

    • rcubes –
      I don’t know how I missed your comment until now, but I did. 😦 I’m so sorry.
      Thank you for voicing your opinion on this matter – I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to do so.

      “It will upset some. It will win some.”
      Let’s hope it wins more than it upsets! 😉

      ~ H

  2. Rather Confessions, Or Confessions of a Teen? xD Good luck with the series! I hope it comes along well!~

  3. Hahaha! I think that your idea is a great one! There is a lot of potential here, because I am an IF Baptist and I still go to restaurants that serve alcohol, I wear dark nailpolish, and while I don’t listen to rap, I listen to music that others might frown upon (Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are just a few examples.)

    I do silly dances (and one time I moved my hips on the platform at church! *whoops!*) I’ve been to the theaters before, and I’ve done other crazy “Mary Moments”.

    The point is, yes, ok, there are SOME Baptists who take things to the extreme, and unfortunately they give the rest of us a bad name.

    But since you said that you don’t plan on bashing others, then I think that your video might inform others that we Baptists aren’t all like that, and we do indeed like to have fun!

    So, I’ll be looking forward to it!

    (By the way, your first vlog was cute: I liked the animation!)

  4. so that’s what you sound like

  5. lol..your so quiet and sweet on video. Maybe you should pretend to be a video all the time. haha.

    Seriously, great idea…i think i might copy cat cause i havent had time to write on my blog, but video would be so much quicker…Im just worried if i put myself online i would break the internet. lol.

    • Haha! I know, right. :]

      Doing this series as a “vlog” was not my original idea. In fact, the thought never even crossed my mind. But, thanks to a preacher friend of mine, the idea was given to me and I have decided to run with it. At least, for quite a few of the posts. 🙂

      I would love to watch any “vlogs” you’d post… seriousy, I would probably laugh my way through. Maybe you should do a series on “Confessions of an ex-Bible College student”… ;P

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