Dear Readers… {I could really use your help}.

Somewhere between tweezing my eyebrows and mixing slices of Swiss cheese into my liquid nacho cheese (not recommended), I had this crazy, yet slightly awesome thought pop into my head. I want to do a series – something completely uninspired by someone else’s blog; something that didn’t come from an idea I got out of a book; something that’s entirely new, fresh, and… well, my own.

Confessions of a rebellious, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist girl of 20-something.

*Voila!Genius, no?  But seriously… I would so very much appreciate your feedback on this. {oh, and by the way… that “girl” is none other than yours truly.}

I have a list of titles for different possible “chapters” of this series already. Some of which include…

  1. I eat at restaurants that serve alcohol.
  2. John Wayne has more in common with Jesus than you think.
  3. I wear makeup, jewelry, and black nail polish.
  4. I don’t practice what I preach.
  5. I do, in fact, like a good drumbeat in my music.

…and many, many others.

What I’m thinking is this: each “chapter” will contain a confession {or fact of some sort} of mine, with my reasons and beliefs behind it. We’re talking the deepest, darkest(ish) secrets that any Baptist would be afraid to confess to fellow Baptists for fear of judgement and shunning. Things in the so-called “Baptist rule book” that I, as a Baptist, don’t abide by or believe in – for a variety of reasons. I will do my best to explain myself away {literally} within each of the chapters in this series.

But that’s all beside the point. I need your help.

Be honest with me… is this something you’d be interested in reading? If you think this is a completely dumb, retarded, stupid, moronic idea then say so. I value your thoughts and opinions. But don’t just say “This is stupid… you’re stupid!”  Tell me why you don’t think this series has an ice cube’s chance in… a fire. I really want your feedback on this one. Really, really…

If you actually think this is a good idea, please tell me who, what, why, and when… wait. Uhh… I’d like to know your thoughts as to why you like the idea. Then don’t just stop there, give me some more “chapter” suggestions; because, quite honestly, some of the ideas I wrote down are just dumb – plain and simple. Plus, I’m going to overlook and forget to mention a lot of things, I’m sure… it’s just going to happen. So fill in the gaps for me when I leave a gaping hole. Who knows if I’ll even know anything about the topic you suggest – but I’m a quick learner, and I form opinions even quicker. Besides, you’d be surprised at the things I’ve done and experiences in my short 20-something years of life.

This is officially open for debate! Thank you in advance for your feedback, thoughts, and suggestions.

Tell your friends and your fellow bloggers – I want {and truly believe that I need} lots and lots of feedback on this one. Could I even go as far as to ask you to post something on your blog (or wherever) redirecting folks back here so they can get in on this? It’s not a requirement… I’ll still love you. I’ll pray about forgiving forgive you. Or send out a little tweet on your twitter. Anything you could do to help is so very much appreciated. 🙂


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  1. I agree with this, it’s a very nice idea.


    Because, I think some people think that when you are a Christain you can’t listen to rock, or can’t watch TV, and all that stuff. But that’s not true! Christains can do many things as long as it’s not disagreeing with the Bible/isn’t wrong. Correct? If you make a book like this it could help people understand, and also understand a Christains teenager life. Or adult…

  2. Frumpy is not fabulous….. This needs to be preached.

  3. What works and what doesn’t within the fundamental evangelical church of today, and why?  Why are more and more young people leaving their Christian teaching/heritage, vowing to never return?  If you were to design a new church, ground floor up, with no denominational ties to any governing church organization, what scripture passages would you use to establish your doctrine, and why?

  4. i danced in the church gym :o)

    i wore capri’s to church on sunday morning :o)

    i don’t have a quiet time every day and i’m still loved by God every day :o)

    i believe a woman has a say in the decisions in a marriage :o) that’s scriptural

    i’m a baptist girl with plenty of confessions. I love my baptist churches (the people in them) but baptists do have some silly written and unwritten rules.

  5. I think it could be done if done carefully, but the problem I see if offending the weak. It is interesting to note that each time the Bible talks about our freedom in Christ it couples the thought with not offending others, or being sure our license does not become lasciviousness.

    That said, it is an interesting thought. I’ll bet you could sell it as a book if you sent some query letters. Balance that with my dad’s teastimony of never talking about his life before Christ, even when asked to by youth directors, because he didn’t want to glorify sin in any way. I understand the issues you are talking about are not sins…however, I can see young people reading it and using it to bolster their own rebellion against rules (whether Bible-based or not, they are authorative restrictions). That’s the danger I see, and perhaps the reason there is not an IFB blog on this topic. I have found blogs of other “colors” like this, tho.

    Pray about it. That would be my advice.

  6. I’m with Jessica on this one. Very intriguing idea and possibly comical at times, but this could be a serious danger to new christians and teenagers, who as we know use ANYTHING they can to back up their rebellion. I know i sure did. I know the common thing for people to do is ask “chapter and verse?!?!?!” well how bout “obey them that have the rule over you” or “children obey your parents in the Lord for this is right” or “honor thy father and thy mother” because these crazy, ridiculous, obnoxious, TO-strict…… get the idea, rules that the crazy baptists have written and unwritten, are based of off bibilical principles. I think this is a dangerous idea and possibly hazardous for many young/teenage christians. This would be however amusing, and interesting to read, but i just believe this would be more dangerous than helpful. Romans 14:13

    • Truth is never dangerous when facilitated by an open heart.  The only danger in disseminating truth is one’s insistence on twisting it to human desire.  Truth is always real and always contains a “best” timing, and more importantly, it is always delivered by the Holy Spirit, bar none.

      Heather, I sense that you are entering a new area of personal growth, that you are trying to distinguish yourself from others.  This is not only natural, but necessary.  However, proceed with an open heart.  Otherwise you will find yourself in a sea of pseudo-independence, rebelling against God instead of the human principles with which you disagree.

  7. ‘Rebellious’, yet Biblical and reasonable practical everyday theology…might be good.

    Good efforts, Heather.:)


  8. Hello Heather,

    I think when you thoughtfully and prayerfully consider each posting, they could serve to be a blessing to the youth of today’s church! If you are willing to be open and honest about the consequences you suffered as a result of doing some of the things that you are going to be sharing, hopefully it will cause the younger generation of Christians, to realize that EXPERIENCE does not always have to be the teacher.

  9. Heather,

    This idea could go either way….meaning it could be good or bad. HOWEVER, as with any idea that is well thought out and prayed over, I believe that God would use this as a GUIDE to help in making decisions — not the hard & fast rules ( the Bible has these ) but something that shows what CHOICES are out there and how you, as a struggling normal young woman deals with the choices she has. You could maybe have a format to your blog, ie: 1) Present the dilemma; 2) Tell what you did or feel about this topic. Make it very clear that this is your opinion or decision that you made. 3) Tell what the Bible says about this (give scriptures to back it up) or some wise wisdom from a mature GODLY woman after God’s own heart.
    I know I would enjoy reading this as will many others. The real issue is trusting that God will bless this and use it in a way that may not seem apparent immediately, but will, with time, blossom into a beautiful creation that people will smile at when they see it. 🙂

  10. I agree with Jessica’s comment earlier. I have to admit while reading through your post, I was torn. In a sense it could be a great idea, but something about it made me a bit uncomfortable. I think what you are trying to do could be done in a good, Scriptural, and appropriate way, but the one thing that makes me uncomfortable is the use of the word “rebellious.” The Bible says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Now, from reading your blog, I know you don’t mean being rebellious in a sense that you’re going to go out and participate in all kinds of evil, but the Bible speaks much about keeping our thoughts and heart pure, and the word rebellion has a very negative connotation to it. I agree that a lot of the “rules” independent Baptists have are silly. However, there’s a fine line here between being an encouragement to someone and strengthening their walk with Christ, or validating someone else’s rebellion against standards that were only meant to help them draw closer to Christ. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading, be in the Word, and pray much. I’m sure you already know most of this, but that’s my two cents worth :). God bless.

  11. Hi Heather –

    Sounds interesting – tho I’d advise you to do it in a way that builds people up. Read over what Paul says in Romans and 1 Corinthians that if he did something he knew was OK, but caused someone to stumblewho wasn’t sure of that, he wouldn’t do it.

    You can learn a great deal – and “grow up” a lot – by taking questions that really interest you, and doing Bible studies on them – especially if you have a good concordance. My first church talked a lot about not being “worldly,” and had all sorts of things we thought were “worldly” Finally, while I was teaching a Sunday School class, I decided to see what the BIBLE really said about it. Turned out it was the same thing the New Testament referred to by several other names – like “spiritual” vs “carnal,” “the old man” vs “the new man,” and so forth. Most of the things my church thought were “worldly” had nothing to do with it, and vice versa. (One good place to see what the Bible teaches on that is in Galatians 5:16-26, where it’s called “the works of the flesh” vs “the works of the Spirit.”)

    Later, I did the same thing on what the Bible meant by “loving our neighbors.” (You can see what I learned there by just clicking on my name and then on “Bible Study.”

    And there was one other even more interesting one too – but it was a little different, and I won’t get into that yet. Maybe at some future time, but not now.

    By the way, as to Video logs, many people enjoy them, and we would if we could get them. But the fastest Internet we can get here is still slow enough that a 5-minute video takes 2 1/2 hours to load! So we don’t watch them.

    Will watch with interest to see what you do. Your writing is fresh and lively. I enjoy it.

    With Prayers, Pete.

  12. 1. Me too. I also drink it.

    2. So does Angelina Jolie.

    3. I don’t. Because then I would have to wear a skirt as well.

    4. Me neither.

    5. Are you suggesting there’s music without drumbeats?!

    Go for it.

  13. I think if anyone can do this, it is you! You have a wonderful and graceful way of being transparent and glorifying God at the same time.

    God bless you my dear friend!

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