How Owl City strengthened my walk with the Lord.

If you had asked me 2 weeks ago if I thought I was a judgemental person, I would have answered you with a firm negative. I’ve always considered myself a pretty accepting person. I don’t generally slam people for their differences in beliefs. I don’t usually beat people over the head with what I believe they are doing wrong in their life… unless they ask my opinion, then I try to give it graciously and in love.

Yet, over the past two weeks, I’ve been more aware of this “judgemental” state of mind – and I’ve been catching myself doing exactly what I always tell others not to do: I’ve been judging books by their covers – both in the literal sense and metaphorically speaking. I do it subconsciously. I find myself looking at people walking past me in a store and mentally saying things like: “Did her mother seriously okay that outfit before she stepped out the front door?”  or “Does he know he looks like a total idiot?”  or “Obviously, that ladies dress has not only been handed down through 4 generations, it’s also 3 sizes too small.”  And sometimes I’d say it all in one word: “ew.”  or “whhhaat?”  – the list goes on and on.

If you know me well, you know that music in it’s many forms is one of my all-time passions. If I could live my life as a musical, I’d be all over that in a heartbeat (possibly quicker). I love everything about music – the lyrics, the notes, the paper it’s printed on, the instruments used, the voices singing. I especially love hymns and other Christian songs. However, when I hear a “worldly” artist singing a song about my Savior, or singing Christmas songs regarding Christ – I get offended. “They don’t even understand what they’re saying… How dare they sing these songs when they don’t know a thing about what they’re singing.”  And while it may be true that they don’t know the One of Whom they are singing, I have no right to be judgemental.

As it turns out, Carrie Underwood claims to be a Christian, as does Josh Groban and Chris Daughtry. Who knew? Not I, until I researched it out. Also, in scampering across the internet from blog to blog, I found a link to a post on Owl City’s blog. To my amazement, it was a post in which Adam Young openly stated (and sang about) his Christian faith. Someone I had once judged as being “unsaved” was actually the exact opposite of my judgements.

The Holy Spirit reminded me again that having a judgemental spirit does nothing to edify anyone – especially the one doing the judging. I have stalked the internet as best I know how to find somewhere that has the .mp3 format of Adam Young’s version of “In Christ Alone” available for download. {If anyone out there knows where I can find this, please leave me a comment with directions on how to get there. Thank you!}

In the post where Adam debuts his recording of “In Christ Alone,” he wrote the following:

“As I’m so often reminded what a priceless gift my life is, I ache with everything in me to make it count, so that when I finally cross the finish line, I’ll hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” To me, there is no greater reward.”

Adam ended his post with this:

“This is what I wholeheartedly believe, and to that belief, I remain steadfast until He returns or calls me home. One thing is certain: When He comes for His own, He will have no trouble recognizing me… because my banner will be clear.”

As Christians, we should constantly be learning more about the Savior; we should constantly be strengthening our Christian walk; we should constantly be encouraging and uplifting fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. My daily desire is to become more Christlike in my words, actions, and thoughs. Surely, if God does not judge me for my past wrongs, who am I to judge others by their covers? I feel humbled by my faults, strengthened in my faith, and renewed in my spirit to serve the Lord more faithfully and be a better testimony to those who need Jesus.

To Adam Young:
Thank you for publically sharing your faith, regardless of the scorn you’d receive from “fans.” God used your tesimony to teach me anew an important lesson that is so vital for many people who call themselves Christians. May you continue to share your faith with thousands, even millions, of people all around the world… people that only you would ever be able to reach… people that most others will never come in contact with.


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  1. I echo the sentiments found here. I appreciate those who take a stand for Christ, no matter their outward appearance or doctrinal leanings. I am definitely a conservative person, but i have come to realize that the people that are branded “liberal”, or “worldly”, may have alot of good to them. I cannot judge them, merely recognize and appreciate any testimony to my Savior!

    • “I have come to realize that the people that are branded “liberal”, or “worldly”…”

      I think we limit God and His power when we limit the Salvation and “godliness” of a person my their outward appearance.

      It’s important, yes… but the heart is what truly matters. Also, what is in the heart will show forth on the outside… but sometimes it’s takes a little bit for the transformation to be complete. It’s not all going to happen overnight.

  2. Convicting post. I know I do a lot of judging, and I was just as bad about it before I ever knew Christ. Though, I have to say a lot of my judgey-ness now is of a moral brand whereas then it was more catty/random. Not sure which is worse. What I find most difficult to get a grip on personally is my tendency to judge people who struggle with the sins I don’t find difficult to grapple with. It’s as if there is something in my mind that says: if I’ve never felt compelled to do that then why should you? It’s a naive, silly, but dangerous kind of judgment that creates space between me and other people rather than brings me closer to them. I’m rambling… all of this is to say that I get it, I’m there with you. We all are.

    • “Though, I have to say a lot of my judgey-ness now is of a moral brand whereas then it was more catty/random. Not sure which is worse.”

      For me, I’m going to say the former one you mentioned. God clearly states that He is no respector of persons… so why should I judge or esteem someone lower or higher than he/she really is.

      I’m sure if they judged me (with or without cause) I would through a hissyfit… because I’m human, and that’s what people do. No one likes to be judged… especially when it appears the judge-er has a beam sticking 6-feet out of their own eye.

      I would be one to say: “seriously, man… take care of your own issues before you try to fix mine…” But the reality of the matter is, I do the same thing to everyone else.

  3. Great post Heather; one that certainly hits home with me. Regarding our judgmental behavior: I recently visited a blog on called “Single Dad Laughing”. I recommed his post, “The Disease called perfection”.

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