The Challenge: 7 days of skirts {day 2}

It’s day 2 of The Challenge!

Although I, as a personal conviction and standard, wear skirts every day anyways, I thought this challenge would be a neat opportunity to get others involved. Personally, I feel more feminine and act more lady-like when I am wearing a skirt. When I used to wear pants, I would revert back into my tomboy-ish ways and act like “one of the guys” again. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying sports, hunting, and playing video games… for me, it was the attitudes and personality traits that came out stronger and louder when I wore clothing that made me feel the part.

Well, here’s the outfit I am wearing today:

I hope you have a great Monday! Fellow Challenger’s, don’t forget to post your “challenge photos” on your blog  (then post a comment below with the link to your post) – or if you don’t have a blog, post them on Grow Up!’s facebook page wall. God bless!


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  1. Hi Heather,

    Figured I wouldn’t be commenting on this series at all, since I’m a guy, and a happily married one at that. But I have to say – to me, that dress and outfit aren’t modest. They go beyond that. They’re elegant. Very nice. (Maybe that’s “modest” by Lower Michigan standards, but out here in Wyoming it would be well above that.)

    And just know our family is still praying for you and hope the news (physically) will become good. Five or sixl years ago I had a good friend at work who did have cervical cancer. This much later, she’s still doing well. (She’s the one I call “Jona” in the story about her in the chapter on “Loving the Sick” at

    Best wishes.

  2. I too am a married man, and didn’t think I would comment, but I got to thinking as I read… can you, or should you, really call something a conviction that cannot be biblically proven? I understand that you prefer skirts, yet pants can be just as modest and skirts can be just as immodest. If certain clothes make you fell less feminine that I agree with you not wanting to wear them, but is “conviction” the right word? Would you say its wrong for a female to wear pants? Which biblical standard are they violating?
    Ps. Your clothes look very nice, I’m not against it, just stirring up cognition on the matter is all. 🙂

    • con·vic·tion (n)
      1. a fixed or firm belief.
      2. the state of being convinced.

      Yes, I think it could most definitely be considered a conviction. I have never stated that pants are “wrong” or “sinful” (well, some styles/fits are, as is true with some skirts). In fact, I addressed that in part 3 of my “Mission: Modesty” series a while back.
      For me, it was no longer choosing between what’s “good” and what is “bad.” It was choosing between what’s “good” and what’s “best.” There is a higher, more holy standard that Christians can reach for. Most times, when the “world” sees a girl walking through the store or the mall wearing a modest (notice, I said “modest,” not “frumpy” or “overly pleated”) skirt/dress they know there’s something different about that person. Perhaps they are not always Christians (sometimes muslim, catholic, or just conservitive non-religious people), but there’s usually a reason behind why someone is dressing the way they do.
      My reason is that I want to please the Lord with every aspect of my life, including the way I dress. This is a personal conviction the Lord has given me. It has become my standard of dress.

      Disclaimer: I do wear snow pants in the winter and pajama pants at night.

  3. Heather, I agree with you. It’s my conviction as well. You can be saved and wear pants but there’s just something special about a lady dressing like one. When I got saved people around me couldn’t see the change that took place on the inside, but when I started dressing and acting different they knew something was different about me. The worlds gotta see a difference in us, it’s not only in dress but that helps. I wore pants for 15 years, I definitely feel more lady like in a dress and I’m treated like one.

  4. i really didn’t want to comment on this because i’m not a huge fan of this topic, BUT, i’ve worn skirts every day for my whole entire life ~ literally. it’s so true ~ you ARE treated like a lady when you dress and act like one. i used to work full-time at a restaurant chain and honestly, i was dreading starting work there because i knew i would be asked WHY i wear skirts all the time. i hate answering that question, especially when it’s being asked by a female. i never want to make anyone feel like they’re a wicked heathen because they wear jeans. i definitely don’t feel that way. anyway, i’ve never been around so many filthy mouthed people in my life, and after about 2 minutes, they noticed a difference in me. (that’s supposed to be a good thing, but part of you really just wants to blend in because you don’t want to answer questions.) over time, i started realizing, they didn’t just notice a difference in me, they treated me differently than their other co-workers ~ in a good way! especially the men. any time someone slipped up with a word i didn’t say, they apologized immediately… any time i was carrying a heavy tray, standing on my tip toes trying to reach something i couldn’t, or cleaning up something really disgusting one of the guys would offer to help. they would say, “a lady shouldn’t have to do that.” i had always been around Christian guys who are used to girls like me and i had never been treated like that. i guess some girls/women would hate this kind of treatment because they want to be thought of as EQUALS to men… “anything you can do i can do better” type deal… but i appreciated the respect. and that was the first time in my life that it hit me, the way i dress and the way i talk TRULY is the deciding factor for how i’m treated.

    on another note, if you’re not going to stick with your decision, and you don’t have a basis for your decision, don’t do it… and DEFINITELY don’t voice your opinion about it to others, especially people who ARE NOT Christians! recently, a friend of mine decided she had made this decision for the wrong reasons, and decided to start wearing “modest blue jeans”. this was after she had been wearing skirts and being extremely vocal about it for the last 18 years. every job she had people would ask her about her wearing skirts and she would go into detail about the bible saying you shouldn’t wear that which pertaineth to a man, and she knew this was what God wanted for her, and for other women. you couldn’t be modest without wearing a skirt. and so on… she was the kind of person who would pull your undershirt up to your chin if she thought it was too low. (in front of everyone!) … so, think of what her backing out of her decision did for the rest of us who truly do believe it’s what God wants for us personally! makes us a joke to all the people she preached to… AND, worse, it makes HER a joke to all the people she preached to. she didn’t present it as, “this is what i believe God wants for me.”, she presented it as, “this is what God wants for every woman!” … if i were unsaved, i’d be thinking, “i didn’t think God changes His mind about things. if she’s changing her mind about this, what else has she been preaching that’s not true?”……….. it just makes a frustrating and stinky situation for everyone involved!

    ok, there you have it! 🙂 my opinions.

    • “me”… 😉
      I want to address EVERYthing you said… but simply don’t have the time.
      So, instead, I’m going to give you one giant, hearty AMEN! and let you know that I love you… and consider you to be one of my favorite-est online people I am friends with.

  5. Heather this one is my favorite outfit of your 7 day challenge. I like the floral pattern on your blouse.

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