Question of the day: pornography for women?

I normally only post one “Question of the day” post a week, but this really caught my attention. After perusing amazon and reading book reviews all afternoon, I decided to jump on facebook for a few minutes and respond to the messages in my inbox and whatever else needed responding to. I started scrolling through the most recent activity for the day and came across a status update that caught my eye.

I’m posting it here to get your thoughts on the matter. Here’s what the status said:

Ladies, Romance Novels are nothing more than Pornography for Women.

So what do you think? Yes, no, maybe? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.

Note: There will still be a “Question of the day” post this Monday as normal.


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  1. Well, the “romance novels” with Fabio on the front, or that can be found in the Romance section at the bookstore are basically erotic novels. I bought one once not knowing what would be written on the pages, and by the end of chapter 1 I was blushing uncontrolably. But actual fiction romance novels, found in the fiction section are simply that, pure romance. However there are those books out there that are “pornography for women”.

  2. all I known is the romance novels that are not christian are filthy and not fit for reading. As well as some christian ones for that matter.

  3. Cory A. Schultz

    you had better believe it my friend…look up statistics linked to married/unmarried women who read romance novels vs. women who don’t…look at there behavioral patterns in comparison (i’m not using that as the backbone for my argument, i’ve read a few myself i’m just sayin’…analysis: Can you say graphic?)

  4. Honestly, I’ve read many romance novels. But not the kind you speak of here. I’ve read Lori Wick, and a few others that were all in the Christian or Inspiration fiction section. Those–if written well, and doctrinally sound–I enjoy quite a bit, as they challenge me to be a more understanding guy and a stronger Christian.

    But in my less discreet days, I also read one or two books that were labeled as romance which basically in many parts were nothing more than erotic fiction (as one other person on here has already said). Watch out for these. Be wise and wary.

  5. I think it depends on the book. I’ve read a couple and it does seem to be the case since there is little else the book offers than a graphically erotic tale.

  6. I’ve read some “Christian” romance novels that made me extremely uncomfortable. Men unbuttoning women’s shirts should have no place in a Christian book, regardless if they are trying to be “factual” or not. The Bible says we are to think on things that are pure, lovely, honest, just, true, and of a good report (Phil. 4:8). MANY Christian romance novels don’t meet this standard. We need to be wise and discerning as Christians as to what we put in our minds and hearts because as a man or woman “thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Pro 23:7).

  7. When I do read romance novels they are the hand me downs from my sisters so sometimes they are hit and miss. I really don’t like the over explanation of something as simple as a kiss it really just makes the moment awkward for me…

    But for the most part if I can help it I read christian romance specially chosen by my sister Yet (yes, it’s that serious)

  8. The end is the same. A romance novel brings a woman emotionally to the place she should only share with her husband. The emotional response is the equivalent to the physical response from a man watching pornography. So yes, it is just as wrong.

  9. wow, quite interesting comments. I like the verse Phil 4:8 “Whatever is True, honest pure lovely…” Sex and romance, like any other of God’s gifts is good and pure… but can easily be perverted.
    I think a woman should, honestly, ask herself the question: “Is this something that will bring me closer to my husband? Help me to love him more? Strengthen our relationship?…”
    In my opinion if a girl is single (and not planning on at least marrying soon) she shouldn’t be reading romance novels or books with sexual content..
    I also think that goes for most “christian” romance novels: mostly because I don’t believe they are true. Usually, they give a false representation of what real romance looks like, and at best, produce young brides who will be doomed to dissapointment because of unrealistic expectations that have been drummed up in their mind.
    As women, we are naturally drawn to romance…. because of how God made us. It’s not wrong, and I believe alot of difficulties and confusion arises when young women recieve little to no information on the subject. False information, though, is one of the most harmful things we can indulge in.

  10. From old experience, anything calling itself a ‘romance’ novel is disordered to God. Simply because they treat people as sex objects, while ignoring many other aspects of their humanity.

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