Book Review: “The Thorn” (Beverly Lewis)

Beverly Lewis, the queen of Amish fiction, has done it again! I have read several of her books about the Amish and have yet to be disappointed!  I visited a Christian book store in search of some new CD’s and a couple other Christmas gift items, when my eye caught this book -“The Thorn“- her latest and greatest, which is the first book in The Rose Trilogy! By day two, I had completed reading half of the book – and within a week and a half, it was finished. Excellent book!

Rose Ann in a young Amish girl who spends most of her time doing farm chores, housework, and looking after her mother who was seriously injured and disabled in a buggy accident. Her best friend is the Bishop’s rebel foster son Nick – the boy the Bishop hopes Rosie will marry, yet the boy her father hopes she rejects. Meanwhile, Rosie is falling in love with another boy… only to find herself second-guessing her relationship and unsure of who she really loves later on.

Hannah -or “Hen” as she is called- is Rosie’s older sister who forsook her Amish upbringing to marry an Englisher. After her daughter is born, Hen begins to pine after the ways of her youth, wanting her daughter to have the same opportunities that she had. However there’s one major problem with her wishes – her husband Brandon wants nothing to do with the Amish lifestyle and forbids her to have anything to do with it as well. This begins the dramatic downhill slope of the marriage as they knew it – secrets and deciept slowly begin to seperate them.

Little twists and turns occur all throughout the book, including the mystery person living -or being “hid” rather- in the old Englisher’s house down the road.

The book ends with a sudden twist involving the death of the Bishop’s bioligical son Christian, the lifelong rival of his brother Nick. Speculation concerning the untimely death of the Bishop’s son is raised, and people start to wonder if itt was all truly an accident, or whether Nick murdered his brother.

I found it hard to put this book down, and often would fall asleep at night with the book still in my hands. I already pre-ordered the sequal -“The Judgement“- which comes out in April 2011. I highly recommend this book to any and all Christian Fiction/Amish/Beverly Lewis fans – you won’t be sorry.


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