Question of the day: Harry Potter.

Apparently the new Harry Potter movie in now being shown in theaters. I only know this because I have watched countless facebook status updates erupt and movie reviews posted everywhere. I have also watched heated debates go down about whether or not a Christian has any business watching such films.

I’ve also heard people get in uproars over the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, and other such movies such as the Chronicles of Narnia.

So here’s the question…

Do you think Christians should refrain from watching such movies as Harry Potter, which deal mainly with magic, witchcraft, and the like?  Or is it okay to watch them since it’s only acting and the actual viewers themselves are not engaging in the activities being displayed on the screen?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you have any Scripture to support your opinions?


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  1. Darlene Garrison

    I don’t have the time at this very moment to make a long comment, but I have never had any interest in Harry Potter. Scripture has a lot to say about witchcraft, etc. There are other family members that do enjoy those movies and I haven’t seen any effect from them watching them, but, if the truth is known – most of the movies out there aren’t fit for Christians to watch.

  2. Hi Heather Joy,

    Very good topic and questions. Sorry to be so slow to comment. Actually it’s for a good reason – my daughter Yvette has pretty well had the computer tied up for the last week getting ready to add desktop pictures (free ones) to our web site. Right now she took a lunch break so I’ve slipped on.

    Harry Potter? It’s well written, exciting to kids, and teachers love it. BUT our problem with it is that we know many kids DO start to copy it and try to do witchcraft themselves – and succeed. Not good. In fact, dangerous – to themselves and others. It’s presented as imaginary, but is all too real. And not a “good” real.

    We’ve lived in two places where there was LOTS of active witchcraft – one in Florida, the other right here. We’ve seen kids unintentionally get involved, then not know how to get uninvolved. Or not even want to.

    One example – a lady both my son and daughter (Bill and Yvette) worked with several years ago was heavily into witchcraft. (This was 2 or 3 years after the first Harry Potter book, but I don’t know whether she got started through that or just from some of the other witches who were already here.) She thought it was “fun.” She told both Bill and Yvette how her kids would be playing with their toy cars and their “little ghost friends” would be moving other cars around at the same time.

    Then one night she drove back to work, frantically wanting Bill to help her. Her husband (who was also into witchcraft) had done something to make the “little ghosts” mad, and they were now shoving the furniture all over the apartment. Bill told her that, yes, he could come over and make them leave, but that unless she accepted Christ as her Savior they’d just come right back. She said “I don’t want to do that.” She went home, and as far as we know she’s still involved in the same things. As are a number of other people we know here.

    After seeing things like that, none of us would feel comfortable either reading Harry Potter or going to any of the movies. So we haven’t. Again, the trouble is, some viewers or readers DO get involved.

    We didn’t see or read “Lord of the Rings.” We know it’s controversial, but don’t have a personal opinion on it.

    Both Bill and Yvette loved “Narnia,” and took it for just what it is – a Christian allegory by a well known Christian writer (who got converted by trying to prove Christianity wasn’t true).

    Pirates of the Caribbean? I did go through that ride at Disneyland once. I just thought of it as entertainment, with seagoing folk tales, ghosts, skeletons, etc., intended to be scary, but nothing more. (It’s been so long now that I HOPE I was right.)

    Praying for God’s help and blessings for you.

  3. One update/correction on my comment above – I was talking with my daughter (Yvette) after sending it, and she told me it wasn’t furniture that April’s “little ghost friends” were throwing around, but April and her husband’s collection of knives and daggers. No wonder she came hunting for Bill! Yvette also told me that, right now, a bunch of the young kinds right in our neighborhood are very actively playing “witches” with each other, this time a direct result of Harry Potter.

    Hope you have a very good Thanksgiving. Keep on with the good work.

  4. All,
    I came across an article that has to do with this very topic over at “Ain’t Nothin’ Sacred.”
    Here’s the link to it:


  5. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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