Question of the day: Mr./Mrs. Right?

I’ve often had this conversation with people – I’ve even used the line myself before… but is it true? Or do we as Christians make this up to make people “take it easy,” “not worry,” and “wait” for Mr. (or Mrs.) Right?

Here’s the question:

Do you believe that God specifically created someone special just for you to marry? or do you believe that we must each go out and find for ourselves our future mate?

What are your thoughts…?


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  1. I truly believe that there is a such thing as Gods perfect will in relation to a spouse. And in Gods timing He will bring that person in ur life. He did it for me. Years ago I went out searching myself, but the person I found was not Gods best for me. The was an imposterer and not Gods will. But when I stopped looking and waited on God He brought Mr. Right in my life, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s what I prayed for since I was a teen, actually he’s better than what I prayed for. If God has a specific will for ur life in other areas of ur life why wouldn’t He in the area of marriage?

  2. Ok, this really opens up a broad discussion on the will of God for our lives, but I will do my best to keep on topic.

    My first point would be that God clearly gives man free will based off the first chapters in Genesis. This makes me tend to believe that God would give us our choice of spouse, not that there is just “The One”.

    Second, we do see God’s providing of a mate for Isaac, which affirms that God is capable of providing for us that which we cannot provide for ourselves.

    So to answer your question, based off of my interpretion of Scripture…both! You should look but don’t become impatient. Find someone you love and you know God would honor God. While your searching God may provide someone out of the blue that you weren’t expecting.

    I’d like to add a little personal side note if I may. I believe far too much emphasis is put on the “who” when it comes to marriage. When God lays down the guidelines for marriage He never ephasises the “who” but the “how”, guiding husbands to be loving and wives to be submissive. If your potential spouse is capable of the guidelines then God’s will can be accomplished. It’s not about who they are, but what there character is.

  3. I agree with shadesofgrey.

    My wife and I both approached the issue differently (I dated a lot, she didn’t date at all), but kept God in mind all the time and we both ended up with who we consider to be perfect!

  4. Looks like “shadeofgrey,” “pop thy collar,” and I have all come to the same conclusions. I strongly agree that, if ANY “Mr.” and “Mrs.” follow the “hows,” the marriage will usually work – and often work well. (See why in chapter 4 of my Bible study at

    But, at the same time, I believe sometimes God definitely does have one “right” person for us. I went through a divorce before finding mine. I’ll share the story about what happened then, and why I came to believe there CAN be one special Mr or Ms right. It’s from chapter 3 of the same study. Here it is:

    “Living by the Bible’s sexual standards may seem out-of-date, but can pay surprising dividends.

    After my divorce, I moved from San Diego’s suburbs to the Pacific Beach area. There I met a lady who became a good (though never romantic) friend. Two years later, when I accepted a job in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she told me “My grandfather lives there. You could room with him!” She arranged it, and I did.

    Her former boyfriend also lived in Fort Lauderdale. A few months later, they made up. She came back to Florida, and they shared an apartment. It didn’t last. They had a fight, and he moved out.

    Then she asked if I’d move in. “It wouldn’t mean any sex,” she said, “We’d just be roommates.”

    “Just friends” or not, it didn’t seem right. So I told her “no.”

    She took my decision well. But her grandfather didn’t! Angered, he tripled my rent. I couldn’t afford that, so I found a young man who needed a roommate, and moved.

    My new roommate, Charles, attended Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, and often invited members of its young adult group to weekend dinners. I didn’t know any of them, so I usually went for walks while they visited. But one April night I had to finish my income tax, so I stayed and met his guests – including my present wife, Yvonne!

    As we dated, we discovered she’d grown up in the same Chicago neighborhood I would have if my mother had lived. She’d worked in two Chicago banks, several miles apart, and my father had had accounts in both. She’d opened his account at one, and, after his death, closed it at the other. We’d probably seen each other once when he and I stopped at her bank, though we hadn’t met. And he’d been her cab driver.

    And, shortly before we met, we’d each prayed “God, would you send me someone I can love?”

    Were those simply coincidences? Or Providence? Is there a “right” mate for each of us? And is it possible we may only meet if we live the way God teaches?”

    (Our marriage has now lasted 32 very eventful years. And God’s given Yvonne more than twice the life span her doctor had predicted a year before we met.)

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