Not-so-ideal restaurants for a first date.

I was at the office extremely late tonight working on homework, so when I was packing up my stuff and getting ready to leave I spotted my Buffalo Wild Wings magnet and a wondrous thought occurred to me: “Ah-ha! I know what I’ll do. I reward myself for the progress I’ve made by getting a yummy salad from BDUBS!”  I now regret that decision.

I just finished that yummy salad drenched in “mild” sauce and ranch dressing… I can barely breathe, it feels like the salad is stuck somewhere between my ribs and my lungs, my mouth’s on fire, and my stomach hates me. Awesome.

While I was eating my salad, however, I felt as if smoke was billowing out of my ears, the ends of my hair were curling up, and my face was breaking out it a hot sweat. “This,”  I thought, “would never be a good idea as a place to go on a first date.”  I then started thinking about other restaurants that would not be ideal for a first date. I’ve decided to be a help to you tonight and share those places with you, as well as my reasoning behind my beliefs on each location.

1. Buffalo Wild Wings
Unless you have no problem with your upper lip sweating and your face and neck turning beet-red, I would suggest avoiding this place as a first date location. Then there’s the issue with the sauces. If you get traditional wings, the only way to eat them is by digging in with your hands – classy. Then again, you could get a salad… refer to my personal illustration at the beginning of this post.

2. Noodles & Company
Amazing restaurant, without a doubt. BUT, don’t forget, we’re dealing with noodles here. Of course, if your goal is the lady-and-the-tramp spaghetti kiss, then go for it; however, I’m thinking something not involving spaghetti sauce getting all over everything would be much more ideal. Plus, the whole “slurping” noodles and twisting your fork is a bit on the immature side… for a first date. Now, say 6 months go by and you’re still dating each other, head to Noodles and Company – it could prove to be a very entertaining date.

3. Taco Bell
Refried beans. Need I say more?

4. Coney Island
The only thing that screams “I’m cheap!” even louder than taking your date to a Coney Island is taking your date to McDonald’s. Again, 6 months down the road…

5. Little Caesars
…because nothing says “I’m trying really hard to impress you” quite like grease running down your chin from the pizza you paid a whopping $5.00 for does.

Can you think of any other restaurants that should be on this list? For what reasons? Leave a comment below.

I mean, I understand that this isn’t exactly a “spiritual” post, but I believe it may really help some poor, struggling dater out there. 🙂 Bonus.


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  1. I guess for me, anything that gets in your teeth easily, haha. Somehow that reminds me, be weary of ethnic food incase you or your date can’t handle the tough stuff. Safe bet is either Melting Pot if you’re really into the guy or places with menus that allow you to share food like Boardwalk Fries.

    • Where do you live? I’ve never heard of either of those restaurants, but they both sound absolutely delicious! 🙂
      One day when I get around to traveling the world over, I’ll stop for a bite at both! 😉

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