Book Review: “Stay in the Castle” (Pastor Jerry Ross)

I love this little book! With it being only about 24 pages long, it’s a rather quick read. However, the message contained within is essential for single people to know.

Stay In The Castle” is a true story, written by the Pastor who dealt first-hand with the teenager  bus-kid this booklet is about.

Lidia wanted to do what was right, but she also wanted to find love, even if that meant dating outside of her faith. Concerned, her bus captain visited her one afternoon and lectured her on the dangers of dating someone who is not a Christian. She didn’t really respond well to that visit, so Mr. Ross went home that evening and prayed, fasted, and begged God to show him a way to get through to Lidia. God answered his prayer about a week later, and he once again visited Lidia at her apartment. Mr. Ross told her a story about a Princess who longed to go outside the castle and enjoy the pleasures of the world instead of staying inside the castle and preparing for the future the King had planned out for her. The Princess’s heart grew restless and she began to sneak outside the castle walls in the evenings. Eventually, she fell in love with one of the village boys – and in the end, she gave up everything she had within the castle to become a commoner. A year after her imprudent marriage, the future she could have had made an appearance in the distance. She was now forced to live with the choices she had made, and the regrets she now had.

If you’re single, have children who are teenagers, or work in a youth group, I encourage you to share this story with them. Buy them each a copy of this book. I believe it will impact their life. Perhaps it will even cause them to commit to staying in the Castle.


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  1. I first read this story during pre-bedtime devotions at Church camp years ago. It had an effect on me then, and it has an effect on me now. Being 20 years old, the world expects me to have experiences that aren’t biblically or morally right. No one wants to be looked at as “the inexperienced loser,” but I find it more of a strength than a short-coming. If I’m pleasing my Heavenly Father, nothing else matters. 🙂 Thanks for this post. It brought back great memories.

    • Megan, how wonderful it is that this book had an impact on your life! I hope it does the same for all of its readers. It’s message is timeless and full of truth. Thank you for sharing your testimony regarding this!
      God bless. 🙂

    • i know it mite be to late but i am 13 and i do make mistake but my disision is to stay in the castle . i dont want my saver no be sad of me .. i want him to udse me.. it touch my heart and akways will .. thak u Pastor for this wonderful book ❤

  2. Like your writing! Still you can do some things to improve it.

  3. Thanks for the plug. “Stay in the Castle” has now topped over 100,000 copies in print in 7 different languages. If it kept even ONE young lady from making the biggest mistake of her life, it was worth writing.

    Pastor Jerry Ross

  4. Judy Zimmerman

    Just read your little book. I am a pastor’s wife who works with children in our church and in the public school system. I am seeing girls sexually active in the fifth grade and need to use this book to try to encourage them to “Stay in the Castle.” Thank you for your work.
    Judy Zimmerman
    Rogersville MO. 65742

  5. Ashley Elaine Heskett

    This book touched my heart many years ago as a young teenager. Temptations are strong then and I almost gave up like the Princess(which, even then brought tears to my eyes, cause i knew i was wrong). I am so thankful that I held on to this book and read it often to remind me of where I needed to be. I am happily(for a week now!) married to a youth pastor. Now when I read that story I smile and thank the Lord for keeping me safe in the castle.

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