Unspotted from the world.

“You travel all the way out THERE to go to church!? Wow!”  My co-worker couldn’t believe I traveled 45 minutes one-way at least 3 days out of the week just to go to church. “Can’t you find a church out this way that you like?”  The question is always the same, and I get asked it many times during any given week… and my answer is always the same.

“So, what kind of church is it anyways?”  That’s always the next question.

“It’s a Baptist Church.”

“Oh… Baptist. Is that…. not ‘traditional’… uh, what’s the word I’m looking for…?…”


“Yeah! Is that what you are?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m an Independent, Fundamental Baptist. It’s a great church – my family loves it there!”

“Eeeee… That’s pretty intense stuff, isn’t it? I mean, you’re into the ‘heavy’ stuff there.”

“What…? Why do you say that?”

“Well, you know… aren’t Baptists really strict? I mean, you guys aren’t allowed to dance, right?”

I chuckled. “I understand where you’re going. Yes, we have high standards… but that’s not a bad thing.”

~                    ~                   ~                    ~

The world doesn’t understand, nor can we really expect them to. The Christian life seems as foolishness to them, because the their eyes are blinded from the truth. That’s our job – as Christians – to be the salt and the light of the world. I’m not forced to have high standards – I do it out of a surrendered heart; I dress modestly and listen to godly music and speak like a lady because I want to be a good testimony. I want to be unspotted from the world. It’s not a matter of being “made” to do anything I don’t want to do, it’s a matter of being made by the Creator for the soul purpose of glorifying Him with my every thought, word, and action.

People in the office know there’s something different about me – and I don’t mean that in a joking or insulting way either. I come to work in skirts every day. I don’t swear like the other ladies do. I don’t joke about or talk about the things the other employees do. I don’t listen to the music they listen to. When there’s a heartache or troublesome situation in someones life, they come to me and ask me to keep them in my prayers. When there’s a Christmas office party, they ask me to pray before the meal. When things hit rock-bottom in someones life, they pour their heart out to me and ask me to pray for them. They don’t go to anyone else in the office for answers… why? Because there’s something different about me.

I don’t for one second think I’m not better than anyone else. I have absolutely nothing to brag about. I’m just a sinner like they are – BUT I have Jesus – and that is what makes all the difference.

Does it bother me when people question me on why I wear skirts all the time? No. Does it annoy me when people always asks me why I don’t find a church to attend that’s closer to my house? No. Does it make me uncomfortable that people stare at my Christian wallpaper on my computer and sneer? Not really. Does it offend me when people tell me that the Bible sitting on my desk at work is a “good book” but nothing more? No.

Why? Because they don’t know any better. They’re just as lost without Jesus as I once was. Maybe that’s why God allowed me to work there. Maybe God’s purpose for my life is far greater than I could have ever imagined.


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  1. Hey, just found your site through IFBKJV… love your blog! Keep on keepin’ on! =)

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