Biblical Standards in a Culture of Corruption {Pastor Jim Townsley}

Hold on to your seats, here we go again! This sermon is about Modesty, and it’s a good one. If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to listen to this message. Once you click the link I provided you can either listen to the message on the web page or you can download it as a mp3 file to your computer and listen to it that way.

Biblical Standards in a Culture of Corruption
(Pastor Jim Townsley, time: 57:35)

“Now let me ask you the question… religiously what is the philosophy – and I say ‘philosophy’ because it’s not Biblical – but the philosophy of the day in churches? ‘Be like the Gentiles, and then you’ll reach them. You gotta be like them! You gotta sit down and just rap with them; just let’s sit down and have a little talk! Don’t say anything negative. How’s it going, buddy? Hey Dude!’ You know… that’s the trend of today; a little 5-minute go. ‘Let’s get the rock band up here – that’s what everyone wants to hear.’ Let’s have 55 minutes of rock music and then ‘Hey, didn’t you know God loves you? Isn’t that great!’  That’s the trend of the day, whether you know it or not; that is the trend and we are all influenced by it. The trend is that, and the philosophy came out of the sixties and obviously prior to that, but particularly this movement prominent from the sixties is a spirit of toleration. ‘We can’t reach the hippie unless we’re like them.’ It was a spirit of rebellion that rejected Godliness and used that only as an excuse to live the way people wanted to live – and you will do the same. It is your rebellion that says ‘I want to be like the world.’ You ain’t gonna reach the world by being like the world. God’s principle is ‘Be different from the world; be Godly; be like Me! That’s how you reach the world.’ Now, we want to follow the Bible, and that’s what the Bible says. Acts 13:47″  ~ Pastory Jim Townsley

Christians should LOOK different; they should ACT different; they should SOUND different; they should DRESS different; they should LIVE differently than the world. If you’re a Christian, Christ paid a great price for you. Did He get all He paid for?


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  1. This is the slow and insidious creeping in of worldliness within the church.

  2. I couldn’t agree more! I been noticing this over the years that steadily “the world” has been creeping into the churches and into the hearts of those who are supposed to be setting examples. I just posted a new entry on my blog talking about Gay Marriage and why Christians as a whole should not be so passive when it comes to SERIOUS issues like these. thanks for posting and God bless

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