I was looking back through my church journal over all the sermons I’ve taken notes on and some of the songs I’ve written and I came across a poem. I wrote this poem just a little over a year ago and when I re-read it I was convicted of the state I was in last year.

See, I wrote this poem at the beginning of Parkview Baptist Church’s Annual Old Fashioned Tent Meeting (2009). A couple nights after writing this poem I walked down a grassy aisle, knelt down at an old-fashioned altar, and got reassurance of my salvation. I was thirsty for something, but I didn’t know what exactly that “something” was. It took a couple nights, but the Lord answered my cry. I needed Him in my life. I needed assurance that I was Heaven-bound.

It amazes me that the Lord is always right on time. He’s never a moment early or a second too late. His timing is perfect, and He is working to bring forth His perfect work in each of our lives. The Holy Spirit does His pre-work, then the message is delivered and a decision is made, and lastly the “homework” starts – which is where the Holy Spirit takes back over. This poem was written during the Holy Spirit’s “pre-work” in my life.


Thirsty, Lord, I come to You
In need of cooling drink.
The desert storms of life have come,
But You can help, I think.

The preacher man said just to ask
And You would hear my plea –
Well, Lord, I’ve come and now I ask
Will You please meet this need?

I’ve tried all else, but all was vain –
My thirst not satisfied.
I kneel myself now humbled, Lord –
I’ve rid myself of pride.

In simple faith I beg of You
To fill my cup indeed.
Let the river of Your Spirit flow –
More of You and less of me.

© Heather Vires
19 July 2009

He answered that prayer just a few short nights later. He quenched my thirst with His ever-living water. And He filled my cup so full it overflowed (and is still over-flowing).

I’m so thankful for His grace and His mercy. I don’t deserve His love. But He freely gives it to me anyways. He’s God as He always is, doing as He always does.


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  1. Hi there sister Heather! I was excited to see you posted in your old blog [Beautiful Self] and for sharing this blog. Nice to hear about the Lord’s work in your life! You continue to shine for His glory out of all your busyness. May His strength be yours always and may God bless you richly, continue to guide you with His divine wisdom and protect you and your family. That is a nice poem! Nothing truly will quench the parched areas of our lives but the Living Water! Keep writing!

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