The candles don’t work.

Since today was my day off, I didn’t bother setting an alarm clock for this morning. I woke up just around 9:30 and was ready to start my day – then I realized I had the house all to myself this morning. Groggily walking to kitchen I decided I would treat myself and actually cook some breakfast… that’s when I spotted the hashbrowns and chicken nuggets in the freezer. Yes, chicken nuggets for breakfast… don’t judge me. 🙂 I read the directions on the bags and started getting everything ready. The directions for the hashbrowns stated to “heat oil in a pan” on the stove top. By “heat” I thought surely they meant “bring to a slight boil.” It took forever for the corn oil to start sizzling in the pan, but as soon as it did I took that as my cue to start pouring frozen hashbrowns into it. No sooner had the first batch of potatoes hit the oil, smoke starting pouring up into the air, hot oil was splashing everywhere, and the smell of burning oil and overly-fried potatoes filled the kitchen! Quickly pulling the pan off the burner, I turned the heat down to low. Then the hot stove coil started sparking – oil had splashed onto the burner – and I thought surely the house was about to go up in flames! The kitchen was smokey and the air was thick from the smell. I opened a window and stood there waiting for the fire alarm to start buzzing – which it never did. Weird.

The burnt smell was so overwhelming my eyes started to water. I decided to light a candle, in hopes that it would clear away the smoke and smell faster (probably not my brightest idea, since I had just about caused a fire with the last fiasco). Eventually it all worked out – the hashbrowns turned out alright, the chicken nuggets were edible, and the kitchen had pretty much cleared. I thought everything was all set. Everything was fixed and it looked and smelled (I thought) like nothing had ever happened. *wink, wink* 😉

Three hours later mom got home. “Hey, Heather! …wait… what’s that… it smells like burnt potatoes in here…?” CAUGHT. I had lit that candle to cover up the burnt smell, but it didn’t work. Bummer. I confessed the whole story to her, with tidbits of nervous laughter thrown in from time to time. She shook her head in amazement – she knows her daughter all too well. Anything involving a kitchen, cooking, and fire is never a good idea for me to get involved in.

~          ~          ~          ~

Sin. It’s fun, isn’t it? Well, it’s fun for a period of time. It’s fun Monday through Saturday, but when Sunday rolls around we clean up our act, dust off our Bible, and head to church. We put our best foot forward so everyone will think we’re Spiritual Suzy, or Bible Benjamin, or Godly Gary, or Christian Christy. But faithful Christians can see straight through it all. They can see past the hypocrisy and the fancy dresses and suits we put on for church. Even more important than that, God can see straight through us. He knows what’s in our hearts, what’s running through our minds, every thought, and every action that we ever did! Our cover-up doesn’t work on Him – we can put on any modest dress or suit, carry the largest Bible, sing all the songs, and smile as much as we want, but we’re only fooling ourselves. Just like that candle didn’t cover up the scent of the potatoes and oil I had burnt, we cannot cover our sins from God. He knows and sees it all.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” ~ Psalm 139:23-24


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