My complete purpose.

Having grown up in a Christian home, I have always been hounded with people telling me to “follow God’s will” for my life. “God’s will” – the way people always talked about it made me feel as though God would send a messenger bird down from the clouds carrying a neat, little piece of paper with “God’s will” for my life written on it. It would land on my shoulder, miraculously speak to me and tell me what to do, and I would obey without question and strive to fulfill my calling.

Guess what… I have *yet* to see a messenger bird… (which is quite unfortunate, because I personally always thought that would be pretty cool). 🙂

I have spent a lot of time thinking on this thing called “God’s will.” I’ve often wondered what His will for my life would be: a missionary to foreign lands? A preacher’s wife? A Sunday School teacher? A Christian musician? An author? What? It may be any or ALL of those things… one day. But for the time being, what is God’s will for my life right now? Sure, there are the given things such as being a good testimony, being a good witness for the Lord, going to church, using my talents for Him, and deepening my relationship with the Lord. But isn’t there something more… something more complex that I’m to do?

I’ve finally figured it out. I *know* beyond a shadow of any doubt what “God’s will” is for my life. My whole reason, my soul purpose, my entire being is this: I am here to know Jesus and make Him known. That’s it! The rest are just extras – the rest are the ways in which I am to fulfill this purpose, the means by which I make Him known. It’s a complete purpose!

I am to know Jesus for myself – intimately and completely; and in so doing that, I will be equipped and able to make Him known to others. My life will radiate His very presence, my testimony and how I live will show it, and I will be smack-dab in the middle of God’s perfect will for my  life. No matter where or what His leading may be in the future, THIS will always be His will… it will never change.


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