Old, rusty bucket-of-bolts.

As I drove home from an appointment a couple nights ago, I heard a strange scraping noise. I looked around to see if I could figure out where it was coming from – there, two cars in front of me, was the most dilapidated vehicle I have ever seen in my life. The muffler and a few other parts were literally dragging on the ground as the car slowly crept down the road. I was almost certain the driver must have been driving blindfolded because he kept swerving in and out of the left lane. Then I realized why… there were pot holes and bumps that he was trying to avoid; for surely, if he hit one, his car would fall apart completely.

I was frustrated that the truck separating my car from the rusty mess in front of him turned at the next traffic light. The old car was giving off some rather nasty fumes, and my car was now sucking them in. “Dude… buy a new car! Or buy a skateboard… it’s time to retire this thing.” Knowing full-well that he couldn’t hear me, I attempted to carry on a conversation with the slow-poke bucket-of-bolts in front of me anyways.

~    ~    ~    ~

Christians are a lot like rusty, old cars. We are one prayer away from completely falling apart. Half the time we go through life virtually blindfolded by our own desires and emotions, unable to see the truth and marvelous future that God has created for us! And instead of trying to avoid the pot holes and bumps on the road of life, some of us intentionally aim straight for them! The only thing holding us together at all is God’s mercy.

We, as Christians, are supposed to live our lives so that they will be well-pleasing unto our God – lives that are a sweet savour permeating the throne room in Heaven. But instead, a lot of our lives are nothing more than a rotten stench in His nostrils. We’re neither hot, nor cold – and that disgusts God to the point that He says He’s about ready to spit us out of His mouth. I can just picture God in Heaven saying, “Hello…? It’s time you got yourself a new life. You need to retire your “old” self, and let Me take over… trust Me, the ride will go a lot smoother. And the warranty is life-time guaranteed!”

Jesus offers us eternal life. A life that will have its ups and downs, but they’ll always be worth it. A life that will have complete purpose and fulfillment. A life that will be complete. A life worth living!


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