A lot more than a little.

Marcus half-closed my car door, stopped, re-opened my door, and looked in my backseat again. Stepping back from my car, he closed the door. “I was just trying to see if that was a Bible sitting there on your seat…”

“Oh! It IS! That’s my Bible.” I smiled and closed my front passenger car door.

He asked me what “kind” of Bible it was, and after processing that question for a couple of seconds I figured it out – he wanted to know what “version” I had. I confidently smiled again, “I have a King James Bible.”

“Oh, King James…” he nodded his head. “Do you ever read it?” he raised his eyebrows and looked me straight in the eye.

“I sure do… every day.”

“Yeah… that’s good. People need a little bit of that in their lives, don’t they…” he smiled, then turned to go.

“Well… they need a lot more than just a little….” our eyes locked during a couple seconds of silence. He agreed with me, then we said our goodbyes.

~    ~    ~    ~

A lot of people think they can skate through life with just “a little bit” of God, just “a little bit” of religion, just “a little bit” of church. But that’s not how God ever intended it to be. God freely gives us ALL of Him – He gave us His heart, His Spirit, His Son, His Heaven, and His perfect will for our lives – but it’s up to us to reach out and actually accept it. It’s right there, it’s ours for the taking!

Here’s the deal, God doesn’t want us to have just “a little bit” of Him, He doesn’t want us to have just a few of the blessings He’s intended for us – He wants us to have it all! The problem is we’re choosing to miss out on a lot of what God has for us because we won’t extend ourselves and take it! That would be like my parents buying my a Christmas present, and me not accepting it. It’s there – right there in front of me – all I have to do is extend my arm and take it! It would be silly of me to just leave it sitting there and never open it! I would never know what’s inside the package; I would miss out on a wonderful gift!

God doesn’t want us to miss out on what He has in store for us. He doesn’t want us to have just a little bit of Him in our lives, He wants to be the first and foremost part of everything that we do. He’s a jealous God – and He’s jealous for us, for our love, our attention, and our time.


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  1. rainbowsoffaith

    Love this post Heather! Beautifully written and 100% true.

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