Tommy watched as His mom walked out of the kitchen and turned the corner down the hallway. With a smirk on his face he approached the gas stove upon which the pot of soup was cooking. The blue flames that erupted underneath the pan looked so inviting… and blue was his favorite color.

He slowly reached for the flames; he just wanted to touch it once… he was so curious. OUCH!!”  he yelped as he quickly pulled his singed finger back to his body. He held it tight in his hand as he stared at the fire that was quietly blazing beneath the pot. Just then his mom walked around the corner. “What happened, Tommy? I heard you scream… are you okay?” Embarrassed, he hid his hand behind his back and wouldn’t look at his mother. “N-n-nothing… nothing happened…” he started to slowly back out of the kitchen.

“Tommy, did you touch the stove? Did you burn your finger?” gently trying to coax the truth out of him, she reached out her hand for his arm. Instant tears flooded his guilty face. She’d told him before about the dangers of fire, but he wanted to touch it anyways. He nodded his head and through the sniffles and coughs said he was sorry. “I told you not to play with fire, sweetie… I told you it would hurt you. Didn’t you believe me…?” Tommy looked up at his mother, his eyes swollen from the emotional event that was still taking place on his face. “I would never lie to you, Tommy. I wasn’t trying to keep you from having a good time… I didn’t want you to get burnt.”

The burn was pretty deep; his mother figured it would probably leave a little scar. She gently wrapped it in a bandage and comforted Tommy when his finger started hurting. “Are you going to listen to me from now on…?” She hoped he had learned his lesson – though she wished he wouldn’t have learned it the hard way. He nodded again – but just then something shiny caught his eye as the light glistened off the silver blade. His mother had warned him that scissors weren’t a toy, but he was curious….

~    ~    ~    ~

Since the beginning of time God has warned us about the dangers of sin. Rebellion is as witchcraft. Wine is a mockery. Strong drink is raging. Fornication is a sin against the body. Adultery is a curse. Gossip and a fowl mouth are as a sharp razor. Wrong friends are subtle (sly/tricky). The list goes on and on. As Christians, God has warned us to steer clear of these things; but it’s our human nature to do exactly the opposite of what we’re supposed to do. We’re stubborn; we’re strong-willed; we’re hard-headed.

In our ignorance and flat-out refusal to obey the Lord, we do what we want and essentially willingly put our hand in a blazing fire. When we get burnt we cry and ask for help – and God gently reminds us again and again how He tried to keep us from that mistake. Some of us leave our hands in the fire for a good amount of time, resulting in scars that remain with us for the rest of our lives.

God scolds us out of His love for us: “I told you not to play with the fire, son… I told you it would hurt you. Didn’t you believe Me…?” In shame and embarrassment we try to hide our wounds, forgetting that we can’t hide anything from our Heavenly Father. As He begins fixing the mess we’ve caused and healing the injuries we’ve brought upon ourselves He comforts us. “I would never lie to you. I’m not trying to keep you from having any fun… I just didn’t want you to get burnt.” Emotional with tears, we apologize and ask Him for forgiveness, which He gives without hesitation.

And no sooner have we recovered from one incident, another fire burning in the distance catches our attention. We know better, we’ve been warned – but we’re just so curious….


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