I’ll keep waiting, knocking.

Frank approached the front door of his recently-married daughter’s house. She had invited him over for dinner, a weekly-occuring event he looked forward to with great anticipation. As he drew closer to the porch he could hear what sounded like shouting… no wait, arguing… was she crying? He stepped up the stairs and just stood there for a few seconds. He felt uncomfortable ringing the doorbell, and he didn’t want to knock on the door and interrupt right in the middle of such an escapade. On the other hand, he didn’t want to just stand there and listen in – even though it was hard not to hear what the battle inside was over.

“Steven, we don’t have the money for that! You know we can’t afford that… what were you thinking?!” Lacey was in an uproar. With a child on the way, recently being laid off from work, and their vehicle on the fritz of a mechanical breakdown there was no way they could afford the 42″ flatscreen TV Steven had so proudly walked through the door with earlier that evening. “Why didn’t you discuss this with me first… always so reckless, so impulsive!”

Not wanting to upset his wife even more, he remained silent and just let her shout her frustrations at him; he knew this was going to happen. Perhaps he had gotten a bit ahead of himself; he probably should have discussed this with Lacey first, but he knew she would have said no anyways. He mentally rationalized his actions while Lacey continued to express how upset she was. She was a strong-willed girl, stubborn, hard to reason with, and this pregnancy made her extremely emotional – she worried about everything – but he loved her. He didn’t want anyone else.

Meanwhile, Frank still stood on the porch, knocking on the front door. If the storm inside would quiet for just two seconds, someone might realize he was waiting to be welcomed into the house! He listened as the conversation inside continued and twisted in several directions for the next few moments.

Catching a glimpse of the clock, Lacey abruptly changed the subject of the topic at hand: “It’s 6:13… Dad should be here by now…” The silence allowed her to finally hear the knocking at the front door. She quickly placed the dish towel on the counter and rushed to the door. “Dad! You made it… did you just get here…?” She was hoping he hadn’t witnessed the scene that was in progress just seconds before.

“Well, no… I’ve been here for about 8 or 10 minutes now. I would’ve just come in, but the door was locked, and I forgot my key at home. I knocked, but you must not have heard me…” Wanting to save his daughter from any embarrasment, he didn’t bring up any of what he had heard while he had waited on the porch outside her home. Dinner was wonderful, as it always was; the fellowship was refreshing and heart-warming; and the moments he was able to share with his daughter and her husband meant more to Frank than anything else in the world.

~   ~   ~   ~

There He stood outside the door – a place He often frequented. Oh, how He loved to spend time with her. She was the love of His life – and though she really had nothing to offer Him, He couldn’t help but to live for the smile that would cross her face when He shared His peace, His love, His joy, and His comfort with her. If only she would open the door to Him they could spend this evening together too – but He could hear that something wasn’t right on the other side of the door. There was crying, and shouting… she was hurting. “Please open the door…” He pleaded, “I’m here… I’ll take care of it. I’ll help you…” But it was no use. The noise on the inside was so loud, that there was no way she could possibly hear His gentle pleading and His knocking on the door. So He waited…

Several hours passed, and the door finally cracked opened. He had never stopped knocking; He couldn’t stop – He couldn’t give up even for a moment. “Jesus… how long have you been waiting…?” She was exhausted and showed very little emotion despite her efforts. He explained that He’d been knocking and waiting for quite some time now, but He didn’t mind – He was just glad to be spending time with her now. “Why didn’t you just walk on in…? You know You could have…” She stared at Him, puzzled. He smiled – how He loved her – “My child, I want you to want me to come in. I will never force my way through the door. I’ll wait as long as it takes… I don’t mind… there’s no where else I’d rather be. I love you…”

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock:
if any man hear my voice,
and open the door,
I will come in to him, and will sup with him,
and he with me.”
~ Revelation 3:20


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