I broke God’s heart.

Katie slowly dragged her feet up and down the woodsy path. “That’s it? It’s over… just like that?” Her mind replayed the event that had taken place just moments before. “But Matt… we’ve been together for 3 years now! What about all we’ve been through together, all we promised each other… all we planned to do in the future?”

Matt said he needed a change, he was getting bored with the way things were; he wanted something more exciting, something new, something different. Katie tried to change his mind; she threw up every reason and argument she could think of – but it didn’t do any good. His mind had been made up, and his decision seemed to be planted a mile deep in cement. It was almost as if he had been planning this very moment for quite some time. He was unmovable, unshaken, unemotional; his face was void of feelings. 

Katie just couldn’t wrap her mind around what was really happening. “But I love you… more than anything! I’ve cared for you and helped you every time I could – I’ve been there for you through everything. I gave up so much  for you, so many opportunities I could have been a part of… I turned them down for you. And I’d do it all over again… just… just please… please don’t leave me…!”

It was out of annoyance that Matt blurted out the truth. There was someone else; he’d met another girl. Now that Katie knew the real reason, perhaps she’d leave him alone. He didn’t want to receive any midnight-crises phone calls from her, or have her randomly show up somewhere uninvited and cause a scene.

Katie was silent – more out of shock than anything – she turned her back to hide the hot tears that flooded her face… she couldn’t even look him in the eye. Matt took that opportunity to walk away; and when Katie turned around, she found herself standing there alone.

~   ~   ~   ~

Lightyears away, beyond the cloud-hidden stars, the Father paced back and forth. Turning to the angels, He spoke: “You know what hurts the most… watching her just walk away like that. After all I’ve done for her; I’ve loved her, cared for her, blessed and provided for her – I even gave up my Son for her. And I’d do it all over again… Does she even understand how desperately I’m in love with her!?” He turned to the right where His Son stood, His facial expression was one of desolation and pain. “But now her desires are set elsewhere; she’s settled for less, and My heart is breaking….”


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  1. Kudos on an insightful and compelling post. Makes us realize what is really important.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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