Repost: Challenged.

“Hey Heather… If I ask you to do something for me, will you do it?” Mr. Smith asked me one Sunday afternoon.

“Well… I’ll try. But it all depends on the favor. What do you need?” hesitantly responding, I now waited for his reply. All the while I was thinking it was going to be something to do with the music ministry department at church.

“Does it matter what it is? I’m asking you if you’ll do me a favor, and you’re telling me maybe? Just say you’ll do it. Say yes.” he scolded, but in an encouraging, loving way.

Again I hesitated, but deciding to trust him on this one: “Okayyy. Yes. What do you need me to do?”

“I bought something for you. A book. I want you to read it, and keep an open mind and heart while doing so. Will you read it?” he continued to ask questions regarding this “favor” he was requesting.

“I will read it. I promise. But I am busy with work and school, so it may take me awhile…” I was creating a cushion of excuses for me to fall back on in case I never got around to fulfilling my end of the bargain.

“I understand. so long as you read it. I promise it will help you. And when you read it, you’re going to think I wrote it – the words in this book sound exactly like how I taught you in the youth group. It will challenge you, and you will grow from it if you listen and allow it to help you. I’ll bring it for you tonight.” he walked away as other duties called to him.

I thought for a second, gave a quick shrug, then turned to leave. I had pressing matters to turn to… such as lunch… and shopping. God forbid that they should be interrupted.

After receiving the book later that night I thumbed through a few of the pages and was actually quite curious as to what the pages contained. I began to look forward to the opportunity to sit down for a few minutes and read the book. And so I did. the next day while I waited for my classmates to arrive so we could work on our group project, I began reading the “favor” my pleading youth pastor had asked me to read. *Hmmm… this is… interesting. this guys pretty intense. I feel like I’m sitting in a church service all over again. Stop pointing your finger at me…. Oh! *phew* Thank God… some of my classmates are finally here…* I quickly put the book back in my backpack and forgot about it, then got too busy for it, then made myself too busy for it.

I picked up the book again yesterday night. chapter 1… very challenging. I was forced to evaluate myself, to look deeper into my life, and to understand how much I am lacking in my life. chapter 2… halfway through the chapter I couldn’t go on. It was too much. I realized how much of my life I’ve wasted on stupid, petty things – caring too much about what people think, what’s “fun,” and what IIIIII want out of life.

Changes need to be made. I’ve known it for a while. perhaps I’ll write more about this at a later time. But for now, this is the beginning of my journey. And I know it will not be a short one.

{originally posted in April 2010.}
Book: “Life Quest” – Author: Cary Schmidt


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