nothing in common.

“Mom… I have nothing in common with her anymore. All we do is sit and stare at each other when we hang out – nothing to talk about, nothing exciting to do… seriously. So why would I purposely make myself sit through that?”

I used that excuse for so many of the people I once called my “friends” – those “oober conservative” people, always wanting to talk about Jesus, girls who didn’t have much of a social life (in my opinion). Quite frankly, they made me feel uncomfortable because there was a sense of “holiness” about them. I even took it a step further and would mock those girls to my mother, crack jokes about them, and talk about them with other friends. oh yeah, I was cool… I had it all together.

Now, I see those people I thought I “didn’t have anything in common” with are the very people I have the MOST important things in common with. Like Jesus. Like Salvation. Like eternity in Heaven. Like God’s Word. Like Christian memories. Like Church. And those people I thought I had “everything in common with” — well, I did in a way… like bad decisions. dirty minds. potty mouths. regrets. bad company. weekend all-night parties.

so, you tell me… given the choice to choose between the two groups of people, what would you choose? I’m so glad that those girls didn’t have anything in common with who I was and what I was doing! It shows great wisdom, obediance, and faith on their part – all of which I seem to lack so much.

It’s amazing that in the short time that I’ve quit running from God, how much He has opened my eyes already to alot of things. I only ran for about a year or so — but the run downhill is always easier and quicker than the walk back uphill.


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  1. its funny, no matter when i go through i always come back to those “conservative friends” . I remember that i love them and they love me no matter what! and you actually might be surprised what you can talk to them about:) my best friend ever married the 1st guy she kissed, and has lived the most innocent life…but i DO NOT know what i would i do with out her! keep those friends around, but dont lose your other ones either! love you girl!

    • Pastor Hoffman

      Great testimony of God’s working in your life. I know of sooo many from my 20 years of ministry who ran away from God, and have not come back. It is great to hear of what God is teaching you, and your desire to do the Lord’s will in your life. Will be praying for you!

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